Heavyweight Viscose, Sculthorpe Pants

Here’s a pair of medium-weight linen/viscose Sculthorpe Pants which Leila and I released recently through Muna and Broad I’m wearing size 1 in these pants and I’m wearing them with a Torrens Box Top. I wouldn’t necessarily tuck them in, but it’s helpful to be able to see the top of the pants, and tucked-in…… Continue reading Heavyweight Viscose, Sculthorpe Pants

Viscose Tweed Sculthorpe Pants

These are the new Sculthorpe Pants that Leila and I have released through Muna and Broad! We’ve been testing out a few different narrow leg pants options because we know that not everyone loves wide-leg pants! Size details: I make a size 1 in the Muna and Broad sizing (which is meant for a 54″…… Continue reading Viscose Tweed Sculthorpe Pants

Torrens Box Top adventures

We recently launched some bonus long-sleeve pieces to accompany the Torrens Box Top pattern from Muna and Broad. Since our summer hasn’t been particularly warm, I went a little sewing-crazy adding new sleeves of various kinds to my wardrobe! Rather than post about all of them, I thought that a round-up post might be in…… Continue reading Torrens Box Top adventures

Sewing Family Jammies, for mum and me!

Sew Family Jammies, hosted by Sew Altered Style is a Christmas blog tour! Keep up with the blog tour and the fun jammies being sewn on Instagram here. Both pairs of PJs are our Glebe Pants from Muna and Broad, but I’m modelling both here since I’ll have to ship these pants off to my…… Continue reading Sewing Family Jammies, for mum and me!

Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon

Edit: The Glebe Pants are now available to purchase in our extended size range over at Muna and Broad.com! I wanted to try @Leila_Sews’ Glebe Pants pattern in a lightweight, rayon fabric to see how the pattern fared. I found 5 metres of this fabric for $15 at a fabric remnant sale of a Christchurch…… Continue reading Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon

Glebe Pants

Edit: The Glebe Pants are now available to purchase in our extended size range over at Muna and Broad.com! Check out these cosy brown Glebe Pants from @fabric_scraps, and this gorgeous black pair from @Leila_sews herself! @Leila_sews has designed a pant pattern which starts from a 54″ hip and will be available in 3 sizes…… Continue reading Glebe Pants

Fremantle Pants from Elbe

In less than 4 hours this afternoon I cut out and sewed a new pair of Elbe Textile’s Fremantle Pants. Lauren has increased her original size range to 61.5″ hip (67.5″ finished measurements), which is great! In this version I left off the patch pockets at the rear and also “drafted” a slightly larger pocket…… Continue reading Fremantle Pants from Elbe

Named Ninni Culottes

These are my 2nd Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing. For my first pair, I added quite a few extra inches to the sideseams and also to the rise of the pants, but I made these straight from the pattern. I like both pairs, but neither have all the ‘swishy’ volume that the pattern intends, since…… Continue reading Named Ninni Culottes

Ninni Culottes plus some

These Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing got so much wear this summer while traveling in Europe. I’m such a messy person (dropping food all the time, flopping down on grass without any regard for my pants, etc.) that I was certain that cream coloured pants were not for me! Fortunately, I didn’t have any major…… Continue reading Ninni Culottes plus some

Ethel Designer Pants

These Ethel Designer Pant from StyleArc (which I purchased as a set) sat in my ‘almost finished’ sewing box for over a year, after I deemed them not very successful. After some unsuccessful purchases from them (back when they didn’t include finished garment measurements), I try to be quite savvy about picking patterns where it…… Continue reading Ethel Designer Pants