Pale Peach Waikerie Hack

Did you know that I keep track of the online shops that sell fabric in NZ? I’m often looking for specific kinds of fabric, so often stumble upon new shops and add them to my list! In the case of The Fine Cloth Company, I found their website before it was live and signed up for the email newsletter so that I could add it to the website as soon as they were ready for me!

Wellington-based (well, Upper Hutt to be exact), The Fine Cloth Company stocks lots of delicious looking natural fibres in lots of great colours! So, when they asked if I’d like to check out some of their fabrics, I asked for some samples of their lovely linen- ‘warm colours with pinks and browns’ was my brief.. I ended up getting this Pale Peach linen and also a Mocha linen (another post coming with that make)!

Fine Cloth Company Shirt-10

The Waikerie Shirt was the obvious choice for pairing with this lovely linen- oversized linen shirts was why I started sewing! So, I made myself a hacked Waikerie, where I added two in-built breast pockets (think Elbe Textiles’ Sanders Shirt and Paper Theory’s Olya Shirt). I went with the long-sleeve version because it’s winter and I like to roll my sleeves, and I used the collarless option because then I got to skip making a collar!

My measurements: My current measurements are a 53″ low hip and I’m 54″ at my roundest point (around my belly). My full bust is 48″ and my upper bust is 43″. I am relatively short through the body, and have narrow shoulders compared to my other measurements.

Pattern details: This is Size F of the Waikerie Shirt, with some mods- built-in breast pockets, and I straightened out the side-seams and added an extra fabric to the pleat at the back of the shirt. I added a chunk of length to the sleeves (maybe an inch.. honestly, I eye-balled it), but usually I make a Size E in the Waikerie, and the Size F sleeves probably would have been long enough without modifications.

Fine Cloth Company Shirt-16

Fabric & notions details: This 180gsm linen is a little sheer, and certainly wouldn’t last long as pants for my powerful thighs, it was nice to sew with and pressed well. I used Corozo buttons from Auckland-based Hawes & Freer to pair with the soft pink. The breast pockets I added were convenient but tactical, as you would have otherwise been able to see much of the colour of my bra or bralette through the slightly sheer fabric.

For the hack: I cut a yoke across the front of the top (basically recreating the Belmore Jacket pockets but much higher), and added a 1/2″ seam allowance to each side. Then I approximated where I wanted the pockets to start and finish (horizontally) and added that on to both the top and the bottom of the shirt fronts (plus seam allowance). Next time, I’ll move the pockets closer to my arms, keeping them the same size but giving me a bit more room to overlap the centre fronts.

Fine Cloth Company Shirt-20

The outcome? I’m on a pink kick recently, so this is obviously leaving me tickled pink. I like the pockets, and the relaxed vibe (which stops this from feeling too feminine for me). Apart from moving the pockets on the next version (and taking out the extra length I’d added to the sleeves), I can definitely see this popping up in my wardrobe again! You can see what I’ve got underneath the top, because of its light colour and the slightly sheer fabric. The triple-layer of fabric at the bust helps to disguise my under-clothes somewhat, but it’s worth taking into consideration!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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