Hi, I’m Jess! I’m based in Christchurch, NZ

I started sewing beginner plus size sewing patterns back in 2017, and am still sewing easy plus size patterns now.

Stripes 5

Broad in the seams is a pun on broad in the beam, but I figured it could also mean a woman in seams. My Instagram handle @fat.bobbin.girl is a pun on the famous Queen song, Fat bottomed girl. It’s fair to say that I like puns!

Indie sewing patterns were my hobby, and now they’re my full-time job! I print A0 and 36″ PDF Sewing Patterns through ChCh Sews, I blog here at Broad In The Seams, I’m 1/2 of plus-size sewing pattern company Muna and Broad!

Through ChCh sews I print PDF sewing patterns and can post them anywhere in NZ

Why do I sew?

I love to sew my own handmade wardrobe and I sew only digital sewing patterns (which you buy as PDF files and print out)!

But, I started sewing because fat bodies are so under-served by ready-to-wear clothing, especially if you want out of fast-fashion! At the time I started sewing, I couldn’t buy myself a linen shirt in my size at any price, even with my excellent research skills!

I sew to make natural fibre clothes that fit my body, and to do so as sustainably as possible!

Where am I on the internet?

In addition to Muna and Broad, blogging here at BroadInTheSeams.com and printing sewing patterns through ChCh Sews, I also coordinate the FatSewing.Club blog!

I’m active on Instagram at @ChChSews, @Fat.Bobbin.Girl, and I’m the person behind the social media account at @MunaAndBroad and @FatSewing.Club

Christchurch Makers Group

I also love to meet other makers and I’m active in the Christchurch sewing community, and I’m involved with the Sew Southern Makers (I’m the person behind the Instagram account)!

Are you a maker based in Christchurch? Contact me here and I can connect you with our local makers group!

Find me at @fat.bobbin.girl on Instagram

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Want more info?

I don’t talk about myself all that much, mostly I’m talking about sewing and fat stuff.