Jacquard gauze Pyrmont

This is my 3rd Pyrmont Skirt from Muna and Broad and is the only one I’ve made that isn’t brown! You can see the spotty brown one here, and non-spotted brown one here. During the launch week M&B email newsletter subscribers have 15% off the Pyrmont and M&B Patreon Insiders and Makers save 25% on…… Continue reading Jacquard gauze Pyrmont

Khaki Pyrmont

The Pyrmont Skirt is the latest skirt from Muna and Broad and is indeed my second brown Pyrmont (see the other one here)! When we were talking about our ideas for a woven skirt, we kept calling this one the ‘Japanese sewing book skirt’- it’s very much inspired by those very aesthetic books with patterns,…… Continue reading Khaki Pyrmont

Pyrmont Skirt

The Pyrmont Skirt is the latest skirt from Leila and I through Muna and Broad. During the launch week M&B email newsletter subscribers have 15% off and M&B Patreon Insiders and Makers save 25% on all patterns at all times! https://flic.kr/p/2oPHNbj Pyrmont Skirt with Waikerie Shirt (View A) This crisp cotton sateen is an 86gsm…… Continue reading Pyrmont Skirt

Tortilla Jacket

https://flic.kr/p/2oxChme My wardrobe has been missing an outer layer, so when The Fine Cloth Company asked if I wanted some of their tortilla wool, I said yes immediately. When the fabric arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure what kind of jacket it would become. I tossed up between something worker/utility or a robe jacket, I started…… Continue reading Tortilla Jacket

Ode to Whitlam Skirt

The Muna and Broad Whitlam Skirt is a deceptively simple knit skirt which is fitted through the back but flows over the front. When we released the Whitlam we got lots of ‘yes, but how does it look on someone with a belly overhang?!’ questions- it looks just like this! The skirt has turned out…… Continue reading Ode to Whitlam Skirt

Pink Sculthorpe

Muna and Broad’s 3rd Birthday celebration saw a lot of our makes popping up in my feed and gave me a lot of inspiration! I saw a lovely pair of pink Birchgroves (see them here) and it was the inspiration I needed to finally make myself a new pair of Sculthorpe Pants! It’s been a…… Continue reading Pink Sculthorpe

Making multiple Tarlee Tees

This is a great example of a project making its way onto the blog, not necessarily for you, but because I keep coming back to the blog to double check the details of my makes. What size did I make, did I make adjustments? I’ve got no idea, but the blog can remind me about…… Continue reading Making multiple Tarlee Tees

Cargo Glebe & Waikerie

@Ithacamaven’s Top, Down, Centre, Out seems to be the topic of conversation that’s attached to every self-sewn pair of pants on the internet! Recently we got a question about TDCO on the M&B Patreon forum, so I did some additional research and dove in with my Glebe Pants pattern to make some new pants for…… Continue reading Cargo Glebe & Waikerie

High-rent pink Glebe

For my recent weekend trip to Wellington for Camp Boom (a camp for fatties) I took the opportunity to sew myself up a little travel capsule of new makes! I love a deadline and also an excuse to kick myself into making things I’d been planning for ages, but hadn’t necessarily got around to! Capsule…… Continue reading High-rent pink Glebe

Striped Whitlam Skirt

The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad is here, and I’ve sewn myself up a little Whitlam capsule.. or maybe a Whitlam trio is a better description! M&B email newsletter subscribers get 15% off all our knit patterns to celebrate the launch of the Whitlam. Sign up to our email newsletter here. https://flic.kr/p/2nYrLq2 Fabric: This…… Continue reading Striped Whitlam Skirt