Marsala Tapered Birchgrove Pants

This was the exact outfit that I was imagining when I planned on making these Birchgrove Pants. This crumpled linen Waikerie Shirt is one of my most-worn makes (and my first shirt too), and it was the fabric which was my gateway back into pink!

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The pants fabric here is heavyweight marsala linen from The Fabric Store, which I nabbed on sale recently. It had been my intention to make a Belmore Jacket from this fabric, but it arrived a little slower than I’d hoped (because I bought it during a big sale, so they were busier than usual). I love this shade of red, and I used the medium-weight linen for my Zadie Jumpsuit and for a Stylearc Adeline (which is awaiting repurposing in the naughty pile). I’ve also made a Cashmerette Pembroke in the marsala merino and I’ve made a Marsala crepe Torrens Box Top, which hasn’t made it onto the blog yet, but which you can see here.

I wasn’t sure about making pants from this fabric, but basically decided on throwing caution to the wind once it arrived. I recently made a pair of Fabric Store heavyweight natural linen Glebe Pants, as insurance in case my OG Glebe Pants ever die- and they’ve not fared very well. The heavyweight linen has started looking much rattier, much faster than my previous pair (in a different linen), and they’re pilling between the thighs- which hasn’t happened on any of my other Glebe Pants. I’ll cross my fingers for these red pants and make sure I love them well while they last.

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These red pants join my camel wool Birchgrove Pants (the linked blog includes my measurements and the size I made), and a collection of 8oz chambray Birchgrove toiles (not yet photographed)! I can see that there’ll be a couple more Birchgroves in my wardrobe before I’m done with this particular pattern- perhaps even a version made from a stable knit like a sweatpant material!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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