Knit Skirt stripes

The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad is here, and I’ve sewn myself up a little Whitlam capsule.. or maybe a Whitlam trio is a better description!

Knit skirt

Pattern number 30 from Leila and me is here: The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad. I didn’t think it could be done but Leila has drafted a knit tube skirt that doesn’t want to crawl up under my belly overhang. Pure magic.

Atrax red ribbed knit skirt-025

Squiggle City

I’ve been sewing up a little storm recently as we prepare to release Muna and Broad‘s 30th pattern (not pictured here) and as I put together a small travel capsule for an upcoming weekend in Wellington for Camp Boom (capsule also not pictured here).

A gaggle of Atrax

I’ve sewn up a little collection of funnelneck knit Atrax Tops to pair with the soon-to-be-released pattern, and I loved this one so much that I wanted to share it early with you!

I love an abstract squiggle, and I bought this squiggled viscose knit fabric even though I wasn’t sure it would necessarily be a wardrobe win for me. It’s surprisingly hefty and was nice to sew with. I’m happier about it than I look in the photos.

Atrax tops selection-274

Size details: I made a Size F Atrax and I’m wearing my Size F corduroy Glebe Pants (View B). My current measurements are 50″ bust 48″ waist 59″ hip.

I love how the armhole of the Atrax wraps around my body. I’ve tried some other short-sleeved knit tops where I’ve had so much armhole gaping- I think the other patterns just didn’t accommodate my very typical rounded back. I also love how the centre-back seam wraps the back of the funnel around my neck hump. I’ve definitely had other patterns and even RTW clothes where the neckline sits out from the hump or the neck finishes quite low on my neck- both outcomes lead to a chilly breeze down my neck and I hate it. This makes the fit wins of the Atrax feel pretty special.

Atrax tops selection-267

I love this pattern. It’s so simple but I feel so great in it. It’s exactly the kind of thing I would have seen on Eileen Fisher and lusted after before I could sew. Worn-untucked, it flows over my hip and has a delightfully hefty bottom hem. Here I’ve tucked the bottom hem into the underwire of my bra and let the top cascade from there. The hem also tucks nicely into a bralette or, into the top of the pants for a classic half-tuck.

You’ll be seeing me in Atrax Tops of various colours and patterns a lot this summer!

Colourblock Torrens

Pink and red should always be seen together, or whatever the opposite is to the saying about how you should never pair red and pink.

I used a pink and red linen from The Fine Cloth Company for this colour-blocked Torrens Box Top and Glebe Pants combo. I haven’t hemmed the top or pants yet because I had second thoughts about the combo because it’s just such a huge-scale colourblock on me.

I’ve been experimenting with large statement pocket on the top to see if this fixes the combo. I’m not set on this shape pocket, but I do think bigger will be better here.


Because the pink wasn’t especially opaque I lined the pants in a deliciously slinky rayon. That’s partly why I’m so desperate to get this pocket right so that I end up with an ensemble that I love- the pants are Just So Dang Comfie!

In the background of my pics you can see my first day of improv quilting for the 30 days of improv quilting in August. One of the pink shades is leftovers from this matching set! I’m looking forward to exploring more during the month of August (and also to using up a lot of scraps in a really pleasing way)!

Striped Atrax

Am I filling my wardrobe with Atrax? Am I filling my wardrobe with this stripe? Yes. I have a Hyde T-Shirt in this exact fabric and since the Atrax Top uses so little fabric I had enough left to make a matching Atrax and I’ve still got more leftover (maybe a second Atrax where I successfully manage to pattern match)!

Striped Atrax-23

Details: I made a straight Size E, which matches up to my full-bust measurement and I made no adjustments.

Fabric: I’m not sure exactly how much fabric I used because I was working with a misshapen scrap. This fabric probably played the nicest, especially compared to my ribbed Atrax which was a jerk fabric.

Striped Atrax-26

I do love the casual look of this top, and I’ll get a lot of wear from it when summer comes round, especially because it’s Banksia Bralette friendly! I do think the Atrax particularly shines as an elevated top though, so I’ve got one last combo planned which is a creamy ponte Atrax paired with pleated rust-coloured tencel Glebe Pants… and maybe a new cropped Shoalhaven Shacket to top it off!

Ribbed Atrax

The Atrax Top is so speedy, it made sense to whip up quite a few versions, since the longest part of the project is the hemming!

Atrax ribbed-03

Not going to lie- this fabric also jumped to the top of my stash when I realised that it was an almost-match for Fifey’s sweater (not me-made). Who doesn’t want to be matching with such a good boy?

I also enjoy the texture of this wide-ribbed t-shirting and the wide-wale corduroy- I’m pink and textured like a musk stick (this is a musk stick).

Details: I made a straight Size E, which matches up to my full-bust measurement and I made no adjustments.

Atrax ribbed-04

Because the fabric is ribbed it stretched out when I hemmed it, meaning I’ve got a bit of a lettuce hem at the back (of course, I didn’t notice until I looked back at the pictures). I was super careful when sewing, but I’m hoping that a wash will re-spring-ify the ribs and get that back to looking usual.

Atrax Dress

I mashed up the Atrax Dress with the View B cocoon view of the Hexham Dress (plus some length) to make a Leila-inspired minimalist dress from a French Terry from a local Facebook destash group.

Atrax Dress-21

I hate hacking, I’d rather have pattern bonuses or pattern pieces to work from instead of relying on myself to think of all the things I need to think of. The front ended up longer than the back at the side seams (no idea how), so I cut that off and then added a deep hem. I had imagined adding pockets, but I’m lazy (and have I mentioned that I hate hacking?) and I hate guesstimating where a pocket should go on the fly.. I also knew that pockets would collapse the sides of the dress so that thought drove my laziness.

For this Atrax/Hexham mashup, I kind of joined the two patterns at the armpit and I lengthened the dress by 28cm (far too much, it turns out, even with a 1.5″ hem and having to cut the extra length from the front). I didn’t bring the side seams back in as I got closer to the bottom, so the cocoon shape is very lost/subtle.

Atrax Dress-24

I cut out a Size E for both the Atrax and Hexham Dress, which matches up to my full bust measurement. There’s plenty of ease in the Hexham dress, and that’s translated over here.

I’m not usually big into dresses, but now that I’ve got Dulcie Boxer Briefs to wear under them, that’s a bit like having pants under them…. so maybe they’ll be fine now?

Atrax Dress-15

Merino Atrax

The Atrax Top is the 28th pattern release from us at Muna and Broad!

This super quick sew takes longer to hem than it does to cut it out and sew the 5 seams on the top! We imagined this minimalist top initiallys as elevated workwear which will work in a variety of fabrics, but I’ve also sewn up some casual Atrax, and even a dress version!

Atrax merino Willandra-16

Leila kept talking about making merino Atrax (of course, she made hers in black merino), and I decided that I also needed to whip one up for myself. The pattern uses SO LITTLE FABRIC, so I’ve got decent chunk of fabric leftover for another project.

To lean into the elevated workwear, I’ve paired this merino Atrax with my tencel Willandra Pants and my leather Sevilla Smith shoes. Turns out, it’s tricky to take photos without my velcro greyhound standing in the photos, fortunately his sweater was a good match for the outfit colour scheme!

Atrax merino Willandra-24

Although the top is simple, there are some great details that make this an easy wear. There’s a centre-back seam that’s shaped to the top wraps around a back-of-the-neck-hump. The armhole is a great fit- not tight at all on my fat arms, but I’m also not flashing anything. Often sleeveless things don’t wrap around my rather curved back, and I end up with quite a bit of armhole gaping at the back of the armhole because tops don’t wrap around me. I didn’t wear a Banksia Bralette for these photos, but you wouldn’t be able to see it if I did!

Details: I made a straight Size E, which matches up to my full-bust measurement and I made no adjustments.

Atrax merino Willandra-06

I don’t work in an office, but this is a combo I would absolutely wear. I’m also thinking about pairing the top shape of this with the Hexham Dress but lengthened into maxi length for a maxi-funnel-neck-cocoon! Stay tuned.

Double wine Torrens

This past weekend was a long weekend and I entered peak flow and undertook a cutting-out-and-sewing extravaganza!

I cut out 2 pairs of Glebe Pants (not pictured) and 3 Torrens Box Tops. I’ve had these 2 wine coloured fabrics in my stash waiting to become a Torrens for a while now, and I figured that by making them at the same time I could double up on my topstitching thread!

Wine Torrens-37

Above is blackcurrant linen from TFS and below is boysenberry double gauze from Blackbird Fabrics. Both of the tops are the Torrens with the M&B Patreon Bonus gathered sleeve, which I settled on when I realised I had enough fabric for long-sleeves. The bonus sleeves have generous gathers and are slightly longer to give a blouson over the cuff. I also appreciate that the elastic means I can comfortably shove my sleeves up my arms.

Wine Torrens-11

I made a Size F for both tops even though my bust measurement would put me in a Size E (and my narrow shoulders even lower). For the facing on the double-gauze top I used a different fabric and was very very gentle during construction to ensure I didn’t stretch out the neckline before I managed to attach the facing (double gauze is a jerk which I’ve learnt the hard way).

Wine Torrens-02

I’m hoping the shade will be a hit in my wardrobe (not without evidence since my wine Hyde T-shirts have been in constant rotation since sewing)! I also intend to wash this gauze up and have it extra crinkly to make the most of its lovely texture!