The pinkest Glebe Pants

I’ve had The Pinkest satin-backed rayon crepe in my stash for a while now, and my intention was always to make myself some excellent going-out pants (Muna and Broad Glebe Pants, of course)! I used a concert I had tickets to as an excuse to make myself an entirely new outfit (of things I’d been planning to make anyway).

Crepe Satin Pants-12

Fabric: I got this AMAZING pink fabric in store from The Fabric Store in Christchurch- apparently it’s no longer in stock, sorry! It’s so bright that my camera had a really hard time capturing it, it’s got almost a neon quality to it!

My measurements: My current measurements are a 53″ low hip and I’m 54″ at my roundest point (around my belly). My full bust is 48″ and my upper bust is 43″. I am relatively short through the body, and have narrow shoulders compared to my other measurements.

Crepe Satin Pants-18

Size details: I always make a Size F in Muna and Broad bottoms. I do find that on the flat-front Glebe, the half elastic needs to be quite tight to keep my pants up, but I overdid it on this pair and after the pictures I unpicked my way back into the waistband and added an extra bit of elastic to give myself some more room.

Fabric Consumption: I cut my Glebe Pants with the fabric on the open, with each leg being placed down the selvedge of the fabric (I don’t remember how much fabric I bought (one of the perils of shopping in-person), but I usually buy 2.5 metres for Glebe Pants. I have a large-ish piece left over that I could potentially make a cropped cami from.

Crepe Satin Pants-16

These are my pinkest pants yet, and I think they’ll be a great addition to my wardrobe, since I do feel like I’m missing more ‘elevated options’ for if I wanted to go out to a nice restaurant, or to an event of some description (if I was feeling very social)!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. Wow! That is a pink indeed 😁. An award ceremony, Shocking pink! And is that fabulous shirt a Huon offshoot? I am enjoying your color combinations so much

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