Matching a bike!

After many months of thinking about it, I finally bit the bullet and bought a bike! Definitely prompted by Leila finding me one which she recommended (she used to be quite in to cycling)!

Of course, I have a lot of feelings tied up with outdoor activities while fat, and I can’t say that I don’t feel nervous about my biking, but so far I’ve stuck to safe-feeling bicycle lanes, or car-free areas, and I’ve been enjoying the change of pace.


I’m wearing an early prototype of the Birchgrove Pants and a Tarlee T-Shirt.

Of course, being the peak overthinker that I am, I’ve thought a lot about clothes that would be the most comfortable and appropriate! Fortunately, I have a great collection of Banksia Bralettes (which have slings which keep your breasts apart, so you don’t have your boobs smushed together getting sweaty), and a drawer full of merino and bamboo Kapunda Undies which are super comfortable. It’s not all that often that I stop to think about how much better things are when your undergarments are uncomfortable.

My Breve Bag has become the classiest bumbag/fannypack ever and keeps my phone, keys and wallet safe (mostly because I realised that my yellow basked actually didn’t hold keys, they just fell right through the holes in the wire)!


I’m certainly not doing any long-distance cycling so don’t have any need for specialised clothes, so far I’ve been enjoying wearing my Sculthorpe Pants and Birchgrove Pants (because the tapered hem means I’m not going to catch anything in the bits and it keeps my legs a bit warmer). Tarlee T-Shirts have been my go-to top- I made so many during the pattern development stage so I have a tidy collection of cotton, merino and bamboo tees.

What will I sew?

I realised that none of my bike-appropriate outer-layers have closures (I never put snaps on my Grainger Coat, or buttons on my Mallee Jacket). So, I might sew myself a waterproof outer-layer (out of a fabric which is breathable) which has closures. I’ve also been thinking of a reflective vest, but a cool one while I’ll sew.. maybe it will be pink and have reflective piping (because safety first, folks)! Apart from that, I’ll wait and see what outfit problems come up and solve them, rather than assuming what I might need and ultimately making stuff which doesn’t actually tick all the boxes!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. What fun. I’d have to drive my bike somewhere to ride, so I don’t have one. Sure seems like it would feel so free to ride one again! Enjoy.

  2. Congratulations! Very cute bike and good idea 😁. You’d have to go hundreds of miles in a day before you would need to make anything different, bike clothes are a lot more about fashion than anything functional. Your own underwear is really the best for comfort, although of course good rain gear will be necessary before too long.

    I would recommend some merino leggings, which could be worn alone or under other pants (wool gabardine is excellent for windy conditions if you can get your hands on some). For the jacket, if you can get some softshell fabric it’d be much more comfortable than truly waterproof fabric, which only makes you wet from sweat instead of rain. And I know you already have plenty of good merino t-shirts which allow you to get a bit damp without freezing to death. But if waterproof is what you have, you can consider a poncho rather than a jacket, much more practical for the inevitable sweating.. The main difficulty is a hood that protects without obscuring vision, so you might plan on a few toiles for that.

    And yes, if you are going to be out at night, you cannot be too illuminated. Keep in mind that visibility studies show that a human silhouette is much better perceived by drivers than anything else, so think about emphasizing that pattern rather than something purely esthetic. And the reflective velcro bands to tighten your pants ankles are also very good at attracting the eye with their movement.

    But also I found that while visibility gear designed for men is almost always concentrated on the torso, women with big butts have an advantage if we use what we have. So maybe big reflective back pockets? For summer I found some very loud Ankara print shorts were very effective at repelling cars 😁.

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