Flat Shoe Style: Sneakers

Ever sew up a garment or buy something and then realise you have no shoes to wear with it? Shoes are my styling kryptonite, basically because I never want to wear heels again in my entire life. Because SO MUCH ‘fashion’ and especially plus-size fashion is shown with high-heels, I’ve been thinking a lot abut…… Continue reading Flat Shoe Style: Sneakers

Tortilla Jacket

https://flic.kr/p/2oxChme My wardrobe has been missing an outer layer, so when The Fine Cloth Company asked if I wanted some of their tortilla wool, I said yes immediately. When the fabric arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure what kind of jacket it would become. I tossed up between something worker/utility or a robe jacket, I started…… Continue reading Tortilla Jacket

Pink & red Alistra

I love a red and pink combo, and this curved-colourblock take on the Alistra Dress is the Muna and Broad Patreon Insider & Maker Pattern Bonus for April. These two colours together were exactly what I was searching for- I got in touch with Fabric Box in Auckland to ask for a photo of the…… Continue reading Pink & red Alistra

Alistra Dress

The Alistra Dress is the latest pattern from me and Leila through Muna and Broad and email newsletter subscribers have 15% off during launch week. The Alistra is a knit column dress that’s designed to hug all the curves and give great shape to the back of the dress while skimming through the front of…… Continue reading Alistra Dress

Improv quilt No.1

I signed up for the free Improv Curves Scrap Play 2023 from Sherri Lynn Wood, watching it back quite a while after it was live because I wasn’t quite keen enough for some 6am improv in the NZ time zone. You can still sign up for the class and watch it back as I’ve done…… Continue reading Improv quilt No.1

Gusset pocket Lobethal

https://flic.kr/p/2ooWZ1R The pockets came before the shirt, but got attached after the shirt was already constructed. Confusing? Yes. I made these blue pockets when I was photographing the method for making them for Muna and Broad Patreons. Leila had digitised my pocket pattern which I used to add a cargo pocket to my TDCO Glebe…… Continue reading Gusset pocket Lobethal

Ode to Whitlam Skirt

The Muna and Broad Whitlam Skirt is a deceptively simple knit skirt which is fitted through the back but flows over the front. When we released the Whitlam we got lots of ‘yes, but how does it look on someone with a belly overhang?!’ questions- it looks just like this! The skirt has turned out…… Continue reading Ode to Whitlam Skirt

Tencel Lobethal

Here’s my 3rd Lobethal Shirt, which is the latest Muna and Broad pattern. Muna and Broad email subscribers get 15% off during launch week, and M&B Patreon Insiders and Makers get 15% off all patterns at all times. https://flic.kr/p/2oik9Da I’m wearing the Lobethal with my plum tencel Willandra Pants, a tencel on tencel combo. However,…… Continue reading Tencel Lobethal

Herringbone Lobethal

https://flic.kr/p/2ogZkqv The Lobethal Shirt is the latest Muna and Broad pattern. This big ass shirt is a vibe, and a statement, and I was really worried that with this fabric I’d accidentally made scrubs! Muna and Broad email subscribers get 15% off during launch week, and M&B Patreon Insiders and Makers get 15% off all…… Continue reading Herringbone Lobethal