Huon in Seersucker Gingham

Not my usual colour-scheme, this seersucker gingham was love at first sight, but I wish past me had purchased maybe 30cm more fabric! This is the Muna and Broad Huon Shirt & Dress! // I’ve been rushing against the clock to finish this dress before the end of Huon Week, and house-sitting and other work…… Continue reading Huon in Seersucker Gingham

Fat ramblings on this most worn Huon Shirt.

Muna and Broad is celebrating the Huon Shirt & Dress this week, so I thought that meant it was a good time to take some more pictures of my Atelier Brunette viscose Huon Shirt, which gets a tonne of wear. // There’s something about the Huon Shirt that makes me feel quite ‘elevated’, and although…… Continue reading Fat ramblings on this most worn Huon Shirt.

Kapunda Undies, Kapundies

My underwear draw is looking very healthy and stocked with Muna and Broad Kapunda Undies. These high-waisted undies sit perfectly on me, and don’t move around during the day- they’re basically the underwear that I’ve wanted for years but could never buy. // In addition to making the usual scrap-busting undies from past knit projects…… Continue reading Kapunda Undies, Kapundies

Shoalhaven Shacket

This isn’t an especially seasonal release for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but we did have a little cold snap here in Christchurch around Christmas, so it wasn’t too sweltering for me to take pictures of my wool Shoalhaven Shacket, the latest release from Muna and Broad! I’m wearing my Shoalhaven with my…… Continue reading Shoalhaven Shacket

Apreon from Muna and Broad

I took some time this afternoon to sew up the cross-body apron that was the Muna and Broad November Patreon Pattern Bonus. The cross-body apron comes in large adult, small adult and child sizes, and Leila and I have been calling it the Apreon! Edit: The Apreon is now available as a pattern to purchase!…… Continue reading Apreon from Muna and Broad

Retro Waikerie Dress

This fabric from Lady McElroy almost got away from me! I spotted it, loved all the colours and the cool things on it but then it sold out! I used my internet sluething skills and eventually found some in-stock at Sew Me Sunshine in the UK! I decided that I wanted it, held my breath…… Continue reading Retro Waikerie Dress

Torrens Box Top Bonus Sleeve

Leila and I are on Patreon, and we’ve been super overwhelmed (and thrilled) that 100 lovely folks have signed up to support us on a monthly basis! This sleeve that I’ve made was the September pattern bonus for the Insider and Maker level supporters of the Muna and Broad Patreon! I’ve wanted a gathered sleeve…… Continue reading Torrens Box Top Bonus Sleeve

Brown striped Waikerie Dress

This is one of my 7 Waikerie Shirts and Waikerie Dresses that are in various states of completion- This dress has been sitting almost completed for quite a few months now and I finally put some buttons and button-holes on this tencel/linen stripe fabric. I’ve made View B of the Waikerie Dress (with mitered corners…… Continue reading Brown striped Waikerie Dress

Grainger Coat, a plus-size quilted coat sewing pattern!

I’m so thrilled about the Grainger Coat, the latest pattern release from Leila and me through Muna and Broad! I’ve wanted to make myself a quilted coat for the longest time, but the popular patterns on the market weren’t available in my size. // While the Northern Hemisphere is thinking about heading in to cooler…… Continue reading Grainger Coat, a plus-size quilted coat sewing pattern!

The new Torrens Box Top

You’d think that after more than a year of trying to photograph my makes, I’d be a bit better at posing or doing a good face- fear not! I’m here to prove that I’m just as un-photogenic as ever before! It probably doesn’t help that I’m always trying to have a conversation with my photographer-…… Continue reading The new Torrens Box Top