M&B Outers

Muna and Broad is celebrating our 3rd birthday and we’ve shared 5 days of prompts for folks to share their M&B makes on Instagram! After pants day, we celebrate outer layers day!


Our first outerwear pattern was the Mallee Jacket, which was designed with boiled wool in mind. I picked this green because I thought it was a sensible and versatile fabric.

I still really want a pink Mallee.

M&B outfits-76

Our next pattern was the quilted Grainger Coat. Designed for quilting your own coat, or pre-quilted fabrics, I took the easy route and used pre-quilted denim for my Grainger.

I have almost finished piecing together a very brightly coloured striped quilt top that I want to have quilted and then I’ll cut myself a Grainger from it!

Side Shoalhaven

Our next release was the Shoalhaven Shacket, which we released when the sewing world hadn’t heard of a shacket yet!

Here’s a joke about fat folks being ahead of the curve *wink wink*

Belmore Jacket
Merchant and Mills quilted fabric
Boiled wool Belmore Jacket-46
M&B outfits-32

The Belmore Jacket, a pattern which I have filled my wardrobe with! This is the pattern that I hoped would be in my size when I got into sewing (but I had to wait until we released it)!

I get the most wear from my pink boiled wool Belmore, followed closely by the denim Belmore with the giant Patreon pockets as it’s perfect for foraging, scavenging and taking to markets.

Lilac Cobden-13

The most recent M&B outerwear is the Cobden Chore Jacket. An excuse for a pocket party, I would love this lilac jacket with my whole heart if my machine didn’t hate top-stitching. Do not look closely.

Future plans?

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl… the girl who has everything? (that she needs in the outerwear department)?

Well, no. I’ve definitely got plans to replace some of these pieces, and also to hack and experiment with them! I’d like a tan coloured Shoalhaven (I’ve got the fabric already), a bright pink Mallee (boiled wool, of course)! I’ve got blue needlecord for a high-contrast Cobden! I’d love to try lengthening the Belmore for a serious slow-fashion look. And maybe a lengthened Mallee too! Stay tuned.

Huge pocket Belmore

It’s Autumn, which means I need huge pockets to gather all the pears and peaches I find on my walk (sometimes even Glebe Pockets simply won’t do). So, this Belmore Jacket hack (which I’ve been imagining for ages) finally came to fruition!

Belmore Hack-01

These huge pockets basically span the width of the front body piece, I kind of mapped out how they could be as big as possible by comparing to the front body pieces of the Belmore.

I also skipped most of the design lines on the Belmore- so I skipped the front design lines (which has the pocket built into it) and skipped the one that runs horizontally on the back. The denim selvedge is in the centre-back seam, which makes for a visual feature and slightly easier finishing!

The final change was that when it came time to cut out the sleeve facing, I didn’t have any denim scraps that were the right size to do it, so I just skipped the facing. I put bias tape around the hem of sleeves and folded them in, forcing the fabric to let me hem it like that.

Belmore Hack-03

Fabric Details: I ordered 3m of this 10z denim from Backstreet Bargains in Hamilton (NZ), and I have maybe 50cm remaining (and some bits). In spite of being 10oz, the fabric is quite drapey and was nice to sew (not too heavy on the arms)

Belmore Hack-05

I cut this out and sewed it up over 7 hours today. Basically, the Belmore is my perfect project commitment level. Maybe I’ve also just got better at sewing since sewing my original Belmore Jacket(s), because this is my best hem yet!

Cobden Chore Jacket

Clearly, I needed a wisteria coloured Cobden Chore Jacket! This is the latest pattern from Leila and I through Muna and Broad, and it’s 15% off this week, no discount code needed!

Lilac Cobden-14

Size Details: I made a Size E, which matches my bust measurement. I’ve got a 48″ full bust and am 57″ at my largest measurement around my belly.

Fabric Details and consumption: This is 12oz denim from Blackbird Fabrics which was sold as “imperfect”. I noticed 1 large slub on the fabric and it got hidden behind one of the pockets by sheer luck. I had 2.5 metres of this fabric, and my size of the Cobden uses 2.3m of 150cm wide fabric. I did have that 20cm left over, plus a tiny amount extra, but only because I used tailors chalk to mark all the pattern pieces onto the fabric before cutting, and I butted some of the pattern pieces (like the fronts and backs) right up against each other.

I used some of my leftover fabric to cut out a small pocket which I added to the inside of the jacket behind the big pocket over the left breast.

Lilac Cobden-15

A very similar jacket to the Shoalhaven Shacket, the Cobden Chore Jacket keeps the great Shoalhaven collar setup. Thanks to the different internal finishing on this jacket, it’s a much quicker project. I kept my neon yellow overlocking thread on the machine and went for a soft pink topstitching thread. Ironically, my best topstitching is on the back of each sleeve (and definitely isn’t on the pockets which are the bits you see most). So if you see me out-and-about and I’m trying to show you the back of my arm, that’s why.

Lilac Cobden-13

I’m thinking about how this could be a great scrapbuster project to do an intense amount of colour-blocking with (like, maybe old jeans pockets for the pockets?), but that’d also be a great canvas for patches, embroidery and even custom leather patches (like the kind you might put on your jeans). Will my next version be a highly scrappy jacket covered in vaginal fruit patches from Germany? Quite possibly.

Boiled Wool Belmore Jacket

I’m in the middle of a 3-day makefest to put together a whole new outfit (comprised of things I’ve been intending to make for months) for a concert that I’m attending tomorrow night!

My outer-layer for this outfit is this Muna and Broad Belmore Jacket in pink boiled wool from FabFabrics in Botany (I got the last of it, sorry)!

Boiled wool Belmore Jacket-46

Fabric details: I ordered 2.5 metres of this pink boiled wool, and I think it’s possible that the shop sent me more than what I paid for (what a treat)! I didn’t bother measuring it before I started cutting, because I know that I have another couple of metres of this exact fabric on a roll! I have a decent chunk of fabric left over, and I recut the neckline after I wasn’t satisfied with the first one

My measurements: My current measurements are a 53″ low hip and I’m 54″ at my roundest point (around my belly). My full bust is 48″ and my upper bust is 43″. I am relatively short through the body, and have narrow shoulders compared to my other measurements.

Boiled wool Belmore Jacket-49

Pattern modifications and Size: I used a straight Size E for this. The pattern modifications I made were because of boiled wool! I interfaced the neck band, with lots of steam. This caused the neck band to shrink (by a couple of inches on each end, and unevenly). I decided I’d just shorten the jacket to match the neckline, but when I attached it I realised that doing that would interfere with the pockets. So, I recut the neckbands and didn’t interface them this time. I then attached them to the fronts but realised that the length of the jacket had shrunk, probably while I was steaming other seams, so the new neckband was quite long and didn’t leave me room to do the hem. So, I took advantage of the non-fraying qualities of boiled wool and just cut the bottom hem off in line with the neckbands.

In these pictures I haven’t yet graded the neckband and given it all a good press, mostly because I was a bit concerned about how that might go down. I also haven’t fully decided what I’ll do about the internal finishing, if I’ll do anything at all!. Also, the arms got quite long (thanks to the knit nature of the boiled wool) so although I was intending to put some cuffs on, I’ve actually just folded them back and quite like that look!

Boiled wool Belmore Jacket-51

This boiled wool Belmore Jacket is like being wrapped in a hug! I’ve been planning some kind of outer in this fabric for quite some time, so it was great to have an excuse to finally kick me into action!

Cozy Cozy M&B Outerwear

Muna and Broad is celebrating outerwear with 10% off any of our outer layers with the code COZYCOZY until the 10th of April 2021 (in case you’re here from the future)!

I thought that I would wrap up some of my M&B makes and also talk about some of my possible future outer layer plans, since it’s cooling down here in Christchurch!

Mallee Jacket


Belmore M&B Capsule

Although I know I’ll never have a capsule wardrobe, I like to break my wardrobe down into mini-collections. I like to think that if/when we get back to international travel, I’ll have my wardrobe down pat and will easily be able to put together a comfortable travel wardrobe which all pair with each other.

To that end, I’ve put together a little 7-piece capsule wardrobe of Muna and Broad Patterns, all of which I’m very happy to pair with my chambray Belmore Jacket!

My 7-piece capsule wardrobe

Quilted jacquard Belmore

I finally cut into this precious fabric from my stash, once I’d decided that the new Muna and Broad Belmore Jacket was the pattern for me!

Now, this fabric is the Merchant & Mills jacquard fabric that you might have spotted online. It’s precious because it was so frightfully expensive. I didn’t love it when it arrived, and I did consider on-selling it to someone instead of using it myself. Even though I bought it on sale, it was still very pricey, and dare-I-say ‘not worth the price’!? Certainly, if I had felt the fabric in-person I would not have sprung for it.

Linen Belmore Jacket

The Belmore Jacket is the latest pattern from Muna and Broad. I’m wearing a full Muna and Broad outfit here for my pictures!

Linen Belmore Jacket, bamboo Tarlee T-Shirt, and pink linen Glebe Pants. Not visible are a Banksia Bralette, and Kapunda Undies!

Belmore Muna and Broad Tarlee Glebe Pants//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

8oz Chambray Belmore Jacket

The Belmore Jacket is the latest pattern from Leila and I through Muna and Broad. We’ve been thinking about a lighter-weight layering piece which is perfect for pairing with our existing pattern collection.

As always, Leila has added some great features, which makes for a great sew with great final results- check out my sweet contrast-cuffs!

Chambray Belmore Waikerie 4//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shoalhaven Shacket

This isn’t an especially seasonal release for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but we did have a little cold snap here in Christchurch around Christmas, so it wasn’t too sweltering for me to take pictures of my wool Shoalhaven Shacket, the latest release from Muna and Broad!

I’m wearing my Shoalhaven with my Liberty print Waikerie Shirt, my red linen Birchgrove Pants and my Sevilla Smith shoes.

Shoalhaven Shacket//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js