Brown Loxton Leggings

The Loxton Leggings are the new Muna and Broad pattern (M&B email newsletter subscribers have 15% off this week and Muna and Broad Patreon Insiders and Makers save 25% on ALL patterns at ALL times)! Yesterday I shared my colourblocked leggings and today it’s non-colourblocked bike shorts! These shorts (and the resultant combo) was…… Continue reading Brown Loxton Leggings

Loxton Leggings: Colourblocked

The Loxton Leggings are the latest pattern from Leila and I at Muna and Broad, and they’re delightful beyond my own expectations and accidentally ripe for colourblocking! Folks had been asking us for leggings for years, and we’d avoided it for a few varied reasons. I wasn’t that excited by the idea of leggings,…… Continue reading Loxton Leggings: Colourblocked

Pink & red Alistra

I love a red and pink combo, and this curved-colourblock take on the Alistra Dress is the Muna and Broad Patreon Insider & Maker Pattern Bonus for April. These two colours together were exactly what I was searching for- I got in touch with Fabric Box in Auckland to ask for a photo of the…… Continue reading Pink & red Alistra

Alistra Dress

The Alistra Dress is the latest pattern from me and Leila through Muna and Broad and email newsletter subscribers have 15% off during launch week. The Alistra is a knit column dress that’s designed to hug all the curves and give great shape to the back of the dress while skimming through the front of…… Continue reading Alistra Dress

Ode to Whitlam Skirt

The Muna and Broad Whitlam Skirt is a deceptively simple knit skirt which is fitted through the back but flows over the front. When we released the Whitlam we got lots of ‘yes, but how does it look on someone with a belly overhang?!’ questions- it looks just like this! The skirt has turned out…… Continue reading Ode to Whitlam Skirt

Making multiple Tarlee Tees

This is a great example of a project making its way onto the blog, not necessarily for you, but because I keep coming back to the blog to double check the details of my makes. What size did I make, did I make adjustments? I’ve got no idea, but the blog can remind me about…… Continue reading Making multiple Tarlee Tees

Striped Whitlam Skirt

The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad is here, and I’ve sewn myself up a little Whitlam capsule.. or maybe a Whitlam trio is a better description! M&B email newsletter subscribers get 15% off all our knit patterns to celebrate the launch of the Whitlam. Sign up to our email newsletter here. Fabric: This…… Continue reading Striped Whitlam Skirt

Squiggle combo

The Whitlam Skirt is the newest pattern from Muna and Broad and I spent the last wee while whipping myself up a few matching sets with the Atrax Top. M&B email newsletter subscribers get 15% off all knit patterns to celebrate the launch of the Whitlam. Sign up to our email newsletter here. Fabric:…… Continue reading Squiggle combo

Whitlam knit skirt

Pattern number 30 from Leila and me is here: The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad. I didn’t think it could be done but Leila has drafted a knit tube skirt that doesn’t want to crawl up under my belly overhang. Pure magic. Clearly the first version of the Whitlam Skirt that I shared…… Continue reading Whitlam knit skirt

Squiggle City

I’ve been sewing up a little storm recently as we prepare to release Muna and Broad’s 30th pattern (not pictured here) and as I put together a small travel capsule for an upcoming weekend in Wellington for Camp Boom (capsule also not pictured here). A gaggle of Atrax I’ve sewn up a little collection of…… Continue reading Squiggle City