Wardrobe check-in

Back in April I shared a Me-made wardrobe seasonal check-up post for Muna and Broad Patreons. Basically, the seasons were changing, so it meant that the comfortable spot I had got into with warmer-weather wears was no longer working for me. Without further faffing about- here’s my process for the check-in. I’ll share my own…… Continue reading Wardrobe check-in

Core wardrobe pieces

After working through my most-worn and favourite makes in the last couple of blog posts, it occurred to me that beyond my favourite makes, there are a few pieces which go with everything in my favourites! You might want to check out ‘Sewing Wins, but why?’, and ‘Sewing Wins, conclusions’ before reading this post! This…… Continue reading Core wardrobe pieces

Huge pocket Belmore

It’s Autumn, which means I need huge pockets to gather all the pears and peaches I find on my walk (sometimes even Glebe Pockets simply won’t do). So, this Belmore Jacket hack (which I’ve been imagining for ages) finally came to fruition! https://flic.kr/p/2n7Yj1F These huge pockets basically span the width of the front body piece,…… Continue reading Huge pocket Belmore

Boiled Wool Belmore Jacket

I’m in the middle of a 3-day makefest to put together a whole new outfit (comprised of things I’ve been intending to make for months) for a concert that I’m attending tomorrow night! My outer-layer for this outfit is this Muna and Broad Belmore Jacket in pink boiled wool from FabFabrics in Botany (I got…… Continue reading Boiled Wool Belmore Jacket