Making multiple Tarlee Tees

This is a great example of a project making its way onto the blog, not necessarily for you, but because I keep coming back to the blog to double check the details of my makes. What size did I make, did I make adjustments? I’ve got no idea, but the blog can remind me about exactly what past Jess was up to.

I made 2 View C versions of the Muna and Broad Tarlee T-Shirt (which almost feels like a vintage pattern at this point because we released it so long ago). It was all a practice run so that I could settle on the sizing for a final version in a dusky purple ribbed bamboo. Are either of these fabrics less expensive than my final fabric? No. Final fabric is in the eye of the beholder.

Toile, trouble, fabric bubble

First, the darker blue bamboo knit (I think from Nellie Joans), I made a Size F through the shoulders grading out to a Size G through the hip. There’s quite a bit of pulling through the back and the side seams are swinging forward because my IBS belly is requesting much more room.


So this second version is a Size G through the top, but I swung the pattern pieces out, which mean the hips have even more room than if I’d graded to a Size I. I hadn’t topstitched the neckline down when I took these photos and it’s sitting nicer now. This ribbed cotton (the ocean shade from Nellie Joans) is hefty but did lettuce a bit around the hems as I was sewing even though I tried to be gentle. Steam has fixed some of it and I’m hoping that a run through the wash will do the rest of the work. I don’t think sizing up has done much for my bust fit (I’ve got narrow shoulders and they curve forwards quite a bit), but the back looks less like it’s screaming for extra room.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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