Luna and Elemental patterns

Today I’m sharing 2 toiles that I’ve made of free sewing patterns! The free Luna Tank from Helen’s Closet is available up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hip and the Elemental Pencil Skirt from Sew House 7 which is available up to a 62″ hip.

It can be hard to try new styles when you’re fat, because it’s not like I can walk into shops and try things on! I cut these out and whipped them both up on a rainy evening a few days ago, and wanted to share them with you in case my experience was helpful!

My measurements:
My current measurements are 43″ high bust, 48″ full bust, 43″ waist (smallest part, close to my underbust), 54″ low hip and I’m 57″ at my roundest point (around my belly). I am relatively short through the body, and have narrow shoulders compared to my other measurements.

Luna Tank Elemental Skirt

Luna Tank

The free Luna Tank from Helen’s Closet is available up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hip. The top comes in two lengths, and for the purpose of toiling the top, I made the cropped length and haven’t hemmed it.

Luna Fabric Details: This grey fabric came from a local clothing company remnant sale, it has 2-way stretch.

Luna Size Details: I have very narrow shoulders, which are narrow still compared to my high bust measurements. I cut out a size 16-18 for my 43″ high bust, grading out to a size 28-30 for my 57″ belly. I was hoping that by choosing based on my high-bust measurement, I might avoid needing to address my narrow shoulders.

Conclusion: I will make this again, but I’ll make some adjustments for my narrow shoulders (bringing the straps closer together), and I’ll slightly lower the armholes. Although I might not hem this version, for the next one I’d lengthen it slightly- it’s shorter than intended because the size I chose at the bust wasn’t expecting to have to navigate around my boobs! This is a solid free pattern with options!

Luna Tank and Elemental Skirt

Elemental Skirt

The Elemental Pencil Skirt from Sew House 7 is a free pattern, which is available when you sign up to their email newsletter here. The skirt is available up to a 62″ hip and comes in two lengths.

Elemental Fabric Details: This loop-back sweatshirting I think came from The Fabric Store! It had enough stretch to qualify for the 50% stretch called for in the pattern, but it doesn’t have great recovery. That’s actually fine, because it’s stretched out to be quite comfortable (and it’s also diagnosed some of the fit issues which were originally very obvious!

Elemental Size Details: I made a Size 22 at the waist, grading out at the hip to a Size 26, and then back to a Size 22 below the hip. In hindsight, the grading was not necessary and it simply created a curve on the side-seam which my body doesn’t fill. I’m relatively triangular down the leg, and the additional width at my belly is found in front, not on the sides.

For my next version, I will keep the same measurement at the waist and I’ll straighten up the side seams.. Maybe I’ll slash and spread to give myself some more belly room… not sure.

As I’ve worn the skirt and stretched the material, it has come to look like less of an issue. What I might do is use my serger/overlocker to trim down the sides so it’s more of a column shape.

Gingernut Grainline Hemlock

Hemlock Tee

Grainline Studios has recently released their free Hemlock Tee pattern in their new extended size range! I’ve loved the style of the top, and now it’s available in my size! You can get the pattern for free by subscribing to the Grainline email newsletter (which you can do here).

Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt in Wool

When I got my current job, I treated myself to a couple of different wool coatings from Fabric Vision as a celebration.

Peppermint Wrap Skirt 4

Since it has been so cold here (and especially cold in my office) recently I decided that I definitely needed a wool skirt to combat our cold temperatures. I loved the Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt when it was released, but I’ll be waiting quite a while to wear a linen skirt…

Morning Glory Top

Sarah Kirsten Morning Glory Top 3

A free plus size sewing pattern for beginners? Look no further!

The Morning Glory Top is a free top pattern from the lovely Sarah Kirsten (Check out my post on free plus size sewing patterns for beginners).

A hacked ruffle sleeve top

Peppermint Ruffle Sleeve Top Cotton 2

It’s quite hard finding good sewing patterns for larger ladies, and I’ve had so many fails with paid patterns that when I find free plus size sewing patterns, I definitely have to find out more.

I’ve learnt so much from sewing the Peppermint Magazine‘s free sewing patterns, and I hacked a couple of short sleeves versions of their popular Ruffle Sleeve Top.

Scribble Peplum top

Peppermint Peplum Rayon 2

This Peplum top is a free plus size sewing patterns for beginners from in Peppermint Magazine in Australia and is drafted by the lovely Emily from In The Folds.

I had enough fabric leftover from my Scribble Rayon Adeline to make the peplum with an extra long frill, which makes it long enough to style with pants that aren’t super high-waisted.

Have you read this article on the difference between a frill & a flounce? Neither had I until I was looking for how to describe the bottom part of the peplum!