Striped Whitlam Skirt

The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad is here, and I’ve sewn myself up a little Whitlam capsule.. or maybe a Whitlam trio is a better description!

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Tarlee and knit skirt-28

Fabric: This ribbed cotton has 5% elastane and I bought it to make a Hyde T-Shirt but I never got around to it. That was pretty convenient because I think this makes a much better summery casual skirt than it would have made a t-shirt! I did not make a matching top for this one, and the yardage states 1.5metres (so I had leftovers from my 2 metres).

Tarlee and knit skirt-52

The bum is where the party is at on the Whitlam and while Leila and I have pretty similar measurements, we have very different bum shapes. This meant that we ended up adding 2 bum shape options for the Whitlam, just like we did for our Noice Jeans! I’ve used the Fit 2 back piece, and I’m pleased with the way the skirt cups through the back.

Tarlee and knit skirt-36

Size details: My current measurements are 50″ bust 48″ waist 59″ hip. I made a Size G in the Whitlam and used the Fit 2 back piece. I’m wearing my white Tarlee T-shirt with this skirt, and since my yellow shoes are incredible uncomfortable, I’d probably leave the house in sneakers.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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  1. This looks great! I absolutely love the butt on the Whitlam. I’ve made a shorter version as well as grafting it onto a tank top to make a dress. It’s very versatile and an easy sew.

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