Cobden Chore Jacket

Clearly, I needed a wisteria coloured Cobden Chore Jacket! This is the latest pattern from Leila and I through Muna and Broad, and it’s 15% off this week, no discount code needed!

Lilac Cobden-14

Size Details: I made a Size E, which matches my bust measurement. I’ve got a 48″ full bust and am 57″ at my largest measurement around my belly.

Fabric Details and consumption: This is 12oz denim from Blackbird Fabrics which was sold as “imperfect”. I noticed 1 large slub on the fabric and it got hidden behind one of the pockets by sheer luck. I had 2.5 metres of this fabric, and my size of the Cobden uses 2.3m of 150cm wide fabric. I did have that 20cm left over, plus a tiny amount extra, but only because I used tailors chalk to mark all the pattern pieces onto the fabric before cutting, and I butted some of the pattern pieces (like the fronts and backs) right up against each other.

I used some of my leftover fabric to cut out a small pocket which I added to the inside of the jacket behind the big pocket over the left breast.

Lilac Cobden-15

A very similar jacket to the Shoalhaven Shacket, the Cobden Chore Jacket keeps the great Shoalhaven collar setup. Thanks to the different internal finishing on this jacket, it’s a much quicker project. I kept my neon yellow overlocking thread on the machine and went for a soft pink topstitching thread. Ironically, my best topstitching is on the back of each sleeve (and definitely isn’t on the pockets which are the bits you see most). So if you see me out-and-about and I’m trying to show you the back of my arm, that’s why.

Lilac Cobden-13

I’m thinking about how this could be a great scrapbuster project to do an intense amount of colour-blocking with (like, maybe old jeans pockets for the pockets?), but that’d also be a great canvas for patches, embroidery and even custom leather patches (like the kind you might put on your jeans). Will my next version be a highly scrappy jacket covered in vaginal fruit patches from Germany? Quite possibly.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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