Linen Belmore Jacket

The Belmore Jacket is the latest pattern from Muna and Broad. I’m wearing a full Muna and Broad outfit here for my pictures!

Linen Belmore Jacket, bamboo Tarlee T-Shirt, and pink linen Glebe Pants. Not visible are a Banksia Bralette, and Kapunda Undies!

Belmore Muna and Broad Tarlee Glebe Pants//

Fabric Consumption: For the Size F, which I made, the instructions suggest 2.7m of 150cm wide fabric. I squeezed this out of 2.5m of 150cm wide linen from The Fabric Store- I bought it in the Christchurch store, so I’m not sure which of their shades it is.

Back Belmore Jacket//

Size: I made a Size F, but lengthened the sleeves by 3″. Size F is our sample-size, but my 48″ bust would generally mean that I’d make a Size E for our tops. Next time, I’ll make a Size E and won’t reduce the length of the sleeves.

Belmore Jacket//

The pockets on this are built in to the front, which we also replicated on the back of the jacket. This means that the jacket is perfect for scrap-busting and colour-blocking. Leila made a great denim version with lots of the leftovers from her jeans making.

My scrap-bins are telling me that I could absolutely make a whole jacket from scraps from previous projects, so we’ll see what’s up next.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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