Tortilla Jacket

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My wardrobe has been missing an outer layer, so when The Fine Cloth Company asked if I wanted some of their tortilla wool, I said yes immediately.

When the fabric arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure what kind of jacket it would become. I tossed up between something worker/utility or a robe jacket, I started a Pinterest board just for this project, and I spent a lot of time thinking about side-access pockets.

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Pattern details
In the end I settled on a mashup of 2 Muna and Broad patterns, the Cobden Chore Jacket and the Shoalhaven Shacket. I wanted the simple placket from the Cobden, the cuffed sleeves from the Shoalhaven, and the hem of the Shoalhaven on the length of the Cobden. The pockets are my own monstrous creation born from a desire for MASSIVE pockets and side access pockets which are also top access pockets.

Size details
I made a straight Size G with no blending between sizes. My current measurements are 50″ bust and 60″ low hip

Fabric details
I asked for 2.5m of the wool (but I didn’t check to see if they snuck in more), and I planned out my cutting layout (and how long I could make the jacket) with tailor’s chalk. Because of the lovely nap on the fabric, everything needed to be cut the same way so that did limit my tetris ability.

I ummed-and-aahed to Patreons about the colour for the lining fabric, but in the end I settled on using some leftover bubblegum pink washer cotton, which was also from The Fine Cloth Company. I wanted a relatively structured fabric that would not stretch out or be a jerk to sew with, and it seemed nice to go full FCC fabric with the make. Leila called the colour combo Bubble O’Bill and I am not mad about it.

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Those Lovely Pink Snaps
I used 25mm pink sew on snaps which I purchased from Etsy a while ago. I knew that I wanted to buy some of these coloured snaps after seeing them on some RTW outerwear (it was either COS or Rachel Comey), and in the end I was really pleased that these saved me both from choosing buttons to pair with this wool and from sewing buttonholes on this wool.

The shop I used is no longer active, but here are a few alternatives for large sew on snaps

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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