Huge pocket Belmore

It’s Autumn, which means I need huge pockets to gather all the pears and peaches I find on my walk (sometimes even Glebe Pockets simply won’t do). So, this Belmore Jacket hack (which I’ve been imagining for ages) finally came to fruition!

Belmore Hack-01

These huge pockets basically span the width of the front body piece, I kind of mapped out how they could be as big as possible by comparing to the front body pieces of the Belmore.

I also skipped most of the design lines on the Belmore- so I skipped the front design lines (which has the pocket built into it) and skipped the one that runs horizontally on the back. The denim selvedge is in the centre-back seam, which makes for a visual feature and slightly easier finishing!

The final change was that when it came time to cut out the sleeve facing, I didn’t have any denim scraps that were the right size to do it, so I just skipped the facing. I put bias tape around the hem of sleeves and folded them in, forcing the fabric to let me hem it like that.

Belmore Hack-03

Fabric Details: I ordered 3m of this 10z denim from Backstreet Bargains in Hamilton (NZ), and I have maybe 50cm remaining (and some bits). In spite of being 10oz, the fabric is quite drapey and was nice to sew (not too heavy on the arms)

Belmore Hack-05

I cut this out and sewed it up over 7 hours today. Basically, the Belmore is my perfect project commitment level. Maybe I’ve also just got better at sewing since sewing my original Belmore Jacket(s), because this is my best hem yet!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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