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Muna and Broad is celebrating outerwear with 10% off any of our outer layers with the code COZYCOZY until the 10th of April 2021 (in case you’re here from the future)!

I thought that I would wrap up some of my M&B makes and also talk about some of my possible future outer layer plans, since it’s cooling down here in Christchurch!

Mallee Jacket


My Mallee Jacket (you can read about it on the blog here) got a decent amount of wear when I first made it but then sat, quite unloved, because the colour didn’t bring me much joy. I’ve decided to give it a second chance by trialing it with a variety of very bright outfit combinations- that way the drabness of the khaki doesn’t bring me down!

Future Makes? I do have some dusky pink boiled wool which I intended to make another Mallee Jacket with, but my best laid plans never came to fruition! Who can say whether rediscovering a love for this particular jacket this autumn might encourage me to cut into the dusky pink fabric?

Grainger Coat

Grainger Coat//

The Grainger Coat was designed with quilting in mind! It comes in two lengths, mine is the shorter length, and it can be made using self-quilted or pre-quilted fabrics! You can read about my pre-quilted denim Grainger here, it’s denim from Miss Maude in NZ (now sold out).

Future Makes? I’d like to make the longer version (which you can see Leila wearing here), and I’d also like to try my hand at self-quilting! The February Pattern Bonus for Makers and Insiders on Patreon is a bonus pocket and instructions for our Grainger Coat (below)! I love the look of these pockets, and also love how they’d remove a level of stress about the exact placement of the patch pockets! I have the batting in my stash, and plenty of fabric to make it happen, I just need to bit the bullet!

Shoalhaven Shacket

Shoalhaven Shacket//

The Shoalhaven Shacket is going to be my perfect winter coat! Most days it’s been too warm to wear this, but now that we’re heading into autumn, I hope that this will be getting a lot more wear. You can read about my double-faced wool version here, I made it with a remnant from Drapers Fabric and then sent the remnants over to @pressandpin, who made herself a gorgeous jacket.

Future Makes? I have SO MANY ideas for another Shoalhaven Shacket! This is a big project because there are so many lovely features, and all the internal seams were bound. I have some great gold checked green wool coating (but can I be bothered pattern matching), but I’ve also been wondering whether a hot pink or chartreuse Shoalhaven would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe! The inside fabric is also an important consideration, as this great version from @laurakirbysews proves.

Belmore Jacket

Belmore Quilted//

The Belmore Jacket is the most recent outer layer from us. So far I’ve made 3 versions, a hacked quilted version, a brown linen version, and an 8oz chambray version (which I loved as a toile and couldn’t bring myself to not finish). I’ve been unusually cold over the last few days, so I have been reaching for the quilted version quite a bit- which in turn has made me think about how I need to hurry up and put a lining in it so that I don’t pull the fabric.

Future Makes? I was thinking about 1 more Belmore and what has tipped the scale is that the April Pattern Bonus for Makers and Insiders on Patreon is lining pieces and instructions for inserting the lining! I’m thinking of a wool coating or boiled wool version with a lining, possibly silk or something or extra cosy!

Get 10% off any of our outer layers with the code COZYCOZY until the 10th of April

Muna and Broad on Patreon

I don’t often talk about the Muna and Broad Patreon on here! Since quitting my day job last year, the support of other makers through our Patreon keeps the lights on and helps me pay my rent. I feel very grateful everyday to be able to pursue this creative passion, and to make it something that I can concentrate my attention on! Our Patreon Insiders and Makers get 15% off any Muna and Broad patterns at any time, they get access to monthly pattern bonus, and I also generally try to make sure that there’s plenty of interesting info and behind-the-scenes info turning up on Patreon and on the exclusive forum for Patreons!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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