Pink & red Alistra

I love a red and pink combo, and this curved-colourblock take on the Alistra Dress is the Muna and Broad Patreon Insider & Maker Pattern Bonus for April.

These two colours together were exactly what I was searching for- I got in touch with Fabric Box in Auckland to ask for a photo of the two fabric together before I purchased them. I really wanted to buy two identical fabrics that were just different colours for ease of sewing and general matchiness.

Colourblock Alistra-31

My recent quilting experiments with curves left me a bit nervous about getting all these pattern pieces together nicely. Fortunately, the curves are smooth and long, I was patient and careful and also the tension on my machine was playing ball.. My worrying paid off and it all came together without a hitch.

Leila and I talked A LOT about the colourblock shapes, and I think the only thing that came from the first version to this final version was that we wanted to have a sleeve of each colour. Is this big curve shape a Gen Z look? I love the large scale of the colour-blocking and how the curved lines subvert but also reinforce the shapes of the body. I’m super pleased with the outcome.

Colourblock Alistra-50

I made a straight Size G because I didn’t want to have to think about grading between the sizes with the pattern pieces being what they were. You absolutely could grade but I didn’t want to have to think much so I didn’t. The dress is slightly more figure-hugging than this version where the front piece is Size H, but it’s still very wearable and comfortable. I cut 2″ off the sleeves.

Colourblock Alistra lights-14

You do need the Alistra pattern to use with this colourblocked pattern bonus. The Alistra Dress is the latest pattern from Muna and Broad and email newsletter subscribers have 15% off during launch week.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. I’m not usually a fan of color blocking, but this dress is fabulous. It looks so good.

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