Pink & red Alistra

I love a red and pink combo, and this curved-colourblock take on the Alistra Dress is the Muna and Broad Patreon Insider & Maker Pattern Bonus for April. These two colours together were exactly what I was searching for- I got in touch with Fabric Box in Auckland to ask for a photo of the…… Continue reading Pink & red Alistra

Apreon from Muna and Broad

I took some time this afternoon to sew up the cross-body apron that was the Muna and Broad November Patreon Pattern Bonus. The cross-body apron comes in large adult, small adult and child sizes, and Leila and I have been calling it the Apreon! Edit: The Apreon is now available as a pattern to purchase!…… Continue reading Apreon from Muna and Broad

Torrens Box Top Bonus Sleeve

Leila and I are on Patreon, and we’ve been super overwhelmed (and thrilled) that 100 lovely folks have signed up to support us on a monthly basis! This sleeve that I’ve made was the September pattern bonus for the Insider and Maker level supporters of the Muna and Broad Patreon! I’ve wanted a gathered sleeve…… Continue reading Torrens Box Top Bonus Sleeve