Loxton Leggings: Colourblocked

The Loxton Leggings are the latest pattern from Leila and I at Muna and Broad, and they’re delightful beyond my own expectations and accidentally ripe for colourblocking!

Colourblock Loxton Leggings-28

Folks had been asking us for leggings for years, and we’d avoided it for a few varied reasons. I wasn’t that excited by the idea of leggings, but when Leila sent me a pattern to test and I put them on the send her a little video of the fit and my thoughts about it, I couldn’t help but laugh during the video. The fit was so good, they were so comfortable and they felt so great on- even though I really wanted to say ‘meh, they’re fine’ (Leila can attest to my usual responses being pretty understated, so this glee was rare). Then, it was clear that we would be releasing leggings, and we were both super excited by the details we added in.

Colourblock Loxton Leggings-24

Over on the M&B blog we chat about the design intent of the leggings, which is basically a fancy way to say ‘we skipped the yoga band and a gusset and we want you to know that we think this is the best choice for fat bodies’. We even did a little Insta live today (which you can watch here) because we know our choices are going to sound controversial.

I’ve never been a leggings person…. but these have me rethinking that long-held belief about myself.

Colourblock Loxton Leggings-36

I decided to colourblock a pair to show the design-lines of the pattern and although it started as a practical choice so that customers could see what was going on there, I actually really love the colour combo and this is my favourite pair (I’ve made A LOT of leggings in A LOT of different fabrics over the last wee while). The lilac and the light blue above the pocket are Supplex from Nellie Joans (ships worldwide) and the dark blue is a slightly slinkier athletic knit. Both the blues were scraps from someone else’s athletic knit projects, after I put out a call on insta for leftovers. The colours look lovely together even though I may not have chosen the combo if I had only seen the fabrics on a screen.

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By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

http://www.broadintheseams.com/ https://www.instagram.com/fat.bobbin.girl/


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