Fat travel to Spring

I’m still thinking about travel wardrobes after my ‘Fat Travel Planning’ blog (which was posted a little while ago now) and decided to mock up a travel wardrobe now that I can sew.

Fat travel unders

I’m still thinking about travel wardrobes after my recent post ‘Fat Travel Planning’, which got an unusual amount of comments! Because there was so many great insights in the comment section, I thought that actually, some wardrobe sections deserved their own blog, so I’m cracking off with undies (not just because the Dulcie Boxer Briefs were released yesterday, but kind of because I’ve got undies on the mind)!

I never wanted to sew my own undies

Before I made my own undies I’d see folks get really into undies and bra making on instagram, and I’d be super impressed by their work. Bright colours, lace, matching findings, bra straps in amazing colours.. it all looks great… But, it also looks nothing like what was in my underwear drawer or what I was reaching for.

I never wanted to sew my own underwear but as I got sized out of my go-to natural fibre undies brand, I had to sew if I wanted something to wear. Now that I’ve experienced the comfort of me-mades and the delight of choosing my own fabric, I definitely wouldn’t go back.

Fabrics for undies

I love natural fibres- they keep me feeling fresh, and un-sweaty. Most of my undies are already natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, and merino. As folks pointed out in the comments of my recent ‘Fat Travel Planning’ post, bamboo dried super slowly, so even though it’s a delight to wear it’s not good for a ‘wash in the evening and wear again the next day’ situation.

If you can handle stretch mesh fabric it’d be a quick-drying option for undies and bralettes, but you’d want to use a merino for the gusset on your undies. I can’t handle stretch mesh, it makes me super sweaty and hastens my overheating!

Stretch mesh undies would dry very quickly for travel!

Unsurprisingly, my choice for basically all undergarments while traveling would be merino (like this one with spandex for comfort and stretch)! Merino undies, bralettes and some singlets too.. merino everything! It’s anti-bacterial (so it doesn’t hold smells), and it also wicks sweat away from the body! Basically, it’s a wonder-fibre!

I always get lots of questions about whether merino is too itchy as underwear. It’s not the same as wearing slinky bamboo, but as a sensitive individual I can say that I don’t mind it at all and it’s well worth it for the qualities that merino brings to the table!

Unders I’d pack

pink cotton
Above, a cotton combo Banksia Bralette and Kapunda Undies

The Duclie Boxer Briefs (just released yesterday and 15% off until 28th May) would have been the chub-rub shorts of my dreams for basically all of my trips, and would have stopped a lot of painful chaffing.

I love my Kapuna Undies, and I’d make some in a merino which would dry super fast.

I’d have some Banksia Bralettes , and some merino singlets too. I could do Banksia Tanks (with built-in Banksia), but I’d like to be able to remove the singlet if I heat up.

Dulcie Boxer Briefs-45
Merino spandex Duclie Boxer Briefs

In my travel bag

Fat travel planning

When I think back on great overseas travel experiences, a lot of my memories are unfortunately regrets about clothing! I remember being hot, uncomfortable, sore, sweaty and generally discontented.

I remember red stinging chub rub in Kyoto, I remember wearing a new shirt for the first time on a 16-hour flight to London only to discover that it made me sweat profusely and made me unusually and embarrassingly stinky. I remember feeling like that was my fault.