Low contrast colours

Hello, Hello. It’s been a while between wardrobe planning posts, but it definitely hasn’t been a while between me thinking a lot about my wardrobe! In this post I’m going to talk about contrast, specifically from my face, and how that plays out in my wardrobe. Maybe you’re on TikTok? Even if you’re not I…… Continue reading Low contrast colours

Core wardrobe pieces

After working through my most-worn and favourite makes in the last couple of blog posts, it occurred to me that beyond my favourite makes, there are a few pieces which go with everything in my favourites! You might want to check out ‘Sewing Wins, but why?’, and ‘Sewing Wins, conclusions’ before reading this post! This…… Continue reading Core wardrobe pieces

On colour-schemes

I’ve been thinking a lot about colour over the past year-and-a-bit. Maybe you’ve noticed? I’ve posted blogs on my colour-scheme planning, and M&B Patreons got lots of my musings about colour seasons and wardrobe colour-planning. I’ve even got a whole Pinterest board of ‘Warm Autumn’ inspiration! I was still ending up with outfits that I…… Continue reading On colour-schemes