Wardrobe check-in

Back in April I shared a Me-made wardrobe seasonal check-up post for Muna and Broad Patreons. Basically, the seasons were changing, so it meant that the comfortable spot I had got into with warmer-weather wears was no longer working for me.

Without further faffing about- here’s my process for the check-in. I’ll share my own results and musings in another post!

Make a list of what you’ve worn over the past week (or fortnight)

  • If an item turns up multiple times, what’s the occasion/s you wore it for and what made that the most appropriate item?
  • Have you been entirely happy with this item getting so much wear? Why/why not?
  • Are there things about these items that could be improved?

Of the items getting multiple wears

  • Are there common denominators between these items that you’ve been reaching for?
  • If there are items that have made you especially happy to wear, can you explain why?

Make a list of things that you haven’t worn

I’ll often change outfits if I’m feeling stressed and I might change multiple times before leaving the house in something that I’m not even all that happy about! Things that might go on this list include recent makes that I might have expected to be reaching for, or garments that I’ve frequently put on AND then changed out of before leaving the house

  • Are there garments or outfits that you might have expected to reach for but haven’t and do you have a sense for why?

Make a list of gaps in your wardrobe

Sometimes it can be easy to identify things that you’re missing- I’ve recently been feeling bereft of cosy layers that aren’t outers. I don’t want to sit on my couch in a coat, but I don’t have many warm mid-layer options suitable for indoor winter in a relatively chilly NZ apartment.

  • Things I think I would be wearing frequently if I had them
  • If I had x or y garment, I wouldn’t be wearing z so often


You know I’m always over-analysing my wardrobe, my makes, my preferences (Sewing Wins, but Why? and Sewing Wins, conclusions posts), but I’m really just hoping to ensure that I’m making things that I’ll actually wear and that I’ll enjoy wearing.

No conclusions yet- until I write my list and analysis for you.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

http://www.broadintheseams.com/ https://www.instagram.com/fat.bobbin.girl/

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