Results of check-in

I recently posted my ‘Wardrobe check-in’ method for auditing my wardrobe based on recent wears (and attempted wears). I posted this a couple of weeks ago and then ruminated on my wears, and here’s the results: Items I’ve worn multiple times over the past week RTW Jeans Alistra toile T-shirt Pembroke merino T-shirt Black Banksia…… Continue reading Results of check-in

Improv quilt No.1

I signed up for the free Improv Curves Scrap Play 2023 from Sherri Lynn Wood, watching it back quite a while after it was live because I wasn’t quite keen enough for some 6am improv in the NZ time zone. You can still sign up for the class and watch it back as I’ve done…… Continue reading Improv quilt No.1

Pink Sculthorpe

Muna and Broad’s 3rd Birthday celebration saw a lot of our makes popping up in my feed and gave me a lot of inspiration! I saw a lovely pair of pink Birchgroves (see them here) and it was the inspiration I needed to finally make myself a new pair of Sculthorpe Pants! It’s been a…… Continue reading Pink Sculthorpe

M&B pants

At Muna and Broad we’re celebrating our 3rd birthday and we’ve shared 5 days of prompts for folks to share their M&B makes on Instagram! Up first, pants day! What better time to delve through the archive for vintage pants (3 years old is vintage now). Above, our first pants pattern, the…… Continue reading M&B pants

Melba top hack

I’m headed to Wellington later in the month for Camp Boom (a 2-day camp for fatties which I’m both super excited to attend, and very honoured to speak at), and I’m using the travel to justify sewing up a new little capsule! I’m wearing Melba Top with linen Glebe Pants, my brightest shoes and…… Continue reading Melba top hack