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I recently posted my ‘Wardrobe check-in‘ method for auditing my wardrobe based on recent wears (and attempted wears). I posted this a couple of weeks ago and then ruminated on my wears, and here’s the results:

Items I’ve worn multiple times over the past week

  • RTW Jeans
  • Alistra toile T-shirt
  • Pembroke merino T-shirt
  • Black Banksia bralette
  • Torrens Box Jumper
  • Boiled Wool Belmore
  • Corduroy Glebe Pants
  • RTW denim shacket

Levi Wedgie Jeans (size 24), the Alistra Tee tester and my boiled wool Belmore are a constant in my day-to-day wear.

Hilariously, if I’d made these jeans I would judge the fit and would probably hate them. So interesting that I’m giving Mr Levi a pass and holding my own make to a much different standard. I bought a 2nd pair when I spotted these on sale for ease of rotation. I find the waist fit to be quite good, which perhaps explain why I love them so.

The tee was a test of the scoopy neckline with narrow binding which we first used on the Alistra Dress. It has our classic shaping through the back, so I love the fit back there, the bamboo is a delight to wear, and I love the bit of swing that the front has (pretty sure I added that in myself). It feels casual and comfie, but also a little-bit nice, and I’m VERY SAD when its in the wash so I do really need to make some more. This feels like it has a more relaxed fit than some of my more-fitted tees, which I appreciate.

My boiled wool Belmore Jacket, is my slip-on-to-take-the-dog-out jacket but I’ve also been extra cold this winter and wearing it a lot more inside. Often a merino top simply won’t cut it indoors here in NZ (my apartment is above average for warmth and heat retention, but you still feel the weather inside), so this is only getting so much wear because of my own wardrobe gaps: cosy sweaters.


RTW Levi Shacket

I nabbed this on sale (still on sale here) as research for whether I got as much of a kick from wearing these western details as I hoped. It has also increased the wearing of these corduroy Glebe because I’m not quite ready for double-denim with the RTW jeans from back at the start. I love all the details (pearl snaps!?), the length, the colour… but what I don’t love is how it’s tight through the hips when buttoned. I don’t know that I’ll keep this because of the hip fit, but I would like to use it to inform a replacement that has enough room through the belly and bum (maybe rubbing off a pattern?)!

These corduroy Glebe get reached for a lot when it cools down because most of my linen ones are simply inappropriate at this time of the year. They’ve remained my go-to since April (when I last did a wardrobe check-in).

This t-shirt version of the Cashmerette Pembroke is in a brown colour which I initially didn’t care for, but in hindsight find Very Easy to pair with items in my wardrobe. I wish the fit was looser through the chest and belly- I suspect I wouldn’t be the same size as when I made this (I usually half tuck so it’s not super noticeable that it’s too tight through my belly).

Items that I haven’t reached for or that I’ve changed out of?

Black is such a difficult colour for me. I don’t think it goes with any of my shoes and I struggle to pair black with anything other than black? I can see that if you were into black it would be easiest to just let it take over your wardrobe out of ease. I’d love to find what my version of black is- the colour that feels as neutral as black, but which slots better into my wardrobe.

Gaps in my wardrobe

  • Clothes that are warm enough
  • Cosy layers that I can pop over things to make other garments appropriate for colder weather
  • Go-to slightly fancy outfits that I love to reduce stress when trying to get dressed for nice things.


Marta’s rumination on her own wardrobe got me thinking about my own 3-word-style and how I don’t always manage to apply my style goals and aspirations to my project queue (no idea why). I’ve started a new Pinterest Board, and I’m doing some ‘how does Jess want to present to the world’ thinking which has pushed me to set up @chch_destash for destashing clothes and fabrics which no longer speak to me.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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  1. While a boiled wool jacket is fine as indoor attire, it sounds to me like you might want to explore cardigans. I know, they don’t always have the coolest image, but they’re more practical than plain sweaters and more versatile than jackets. You can be on zoom and rush out to walk the dog without needing to change. Just so you know, I have a couple on the list myself because I wear them so much my faves are looking definitely worn..
    Also you should definitely consider at least 2-3 pairs of corduroy pants at all times, so you can live in them, because that’s what it takes to get through winter. I would recommend a narrower leg than glebes though, because it’s cozier to have a bit less ventilation. Plus it adds a whole new level to get an underlayer of silk in there. Silk knit leggings are best, but just a pair of dulce boxers would make a difference. And while I also love merino for that, there’s too much friction with corduroy for it to work well alone. Although if you’re really hard up, some merino leggings isolated from the corduroy by silk or rayon pettipants are great.
    And then wool socks make a big difference. And if you’re working online or even sewing, don’t overlook fingerless mittens.
    Thanks for that Pinterest board, very inspiring 😍

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