Improv quilt No.1

I signed up for the free Improv Curves Scrap Play 2023 from Sherri Lynn Wood, watching it back quite a while after it was live because I wasn’t quite keen enough for some 6am improv in the NZ time zone. You can still sign up for the class and watch it back as I’ve done here:

The prompts for the class were 

Poetic Prompt: Joyful
Design Prompt: Scale
Color Prompt: Green + Neutrals
Shape Prompt: Curves + Angles

But, you can probably tell that I paid no attention at all, and I totally went off on my own- I guess I find the colours joyful, and there’s certainly curves and also a few angles. There’s also one very bright tennis ball green fabric that I incorporated into it.

improv quilt No. 1-08

This strip-based block you can see above was made from the offcuts of other blocks as I tried to cut them down to similar sizes, and it might be my favourite section. I put it on the top left thinking that if it got big enough to go on the bed then that would be at the top on the side that I sleep on. Unfortunately, when I did the math on how much more improv work it would require for me to get a queen bed sized quilt top, I pivoted and settled on a large lap blanket for the couch.

improv quilt No. 1-04

The thought of basting and self quilting all that really just made my arms sore, so I just didn’t do it! It was a super-quick turnaround to get the quilt back, and it arrived at an excellent time because Christchurch has really settled into autumnal weather (and temperatures) and I’ve been under the quilt quite frequently since it returned home!

The quilting is straight lines which run horizontally across what I pretty arbitrarily decided was the top and the bottom and the thread is grey- which was a nice neutral that worked with the various colours included (particularly the chambray). Given how not-at-all-flat the top was, it’s interesting to see that it’s come out relatively flat! Good news because it means that I don’t at all have to work on being more careful.

You can see some more pictures here on instagram.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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