Pink Sculthorpe

Muna and Broad’s 3rd Birthday celebration saw a lot of our makes popping up in my feed and gave me a lot of inspiration! I saw a lovely pair of pink Birchgroves (see them here) and it was the inspiration I needed to finally make myself a new pair of Sculthorpe Pants! It’s been a long time between Sculthorpe Pants for me!

Sculthorpe and Atrax-6

I bought this fabric online, without getting a sample from Super Cheap Fabrics in Aus (It’s no longer online, here’s similar). It was listed as medium-heavyweight and suitable for jeans. Maybe that’s technically true, but in truth this slightly-scratchy denim is incredibly thin and I’ve got no great hope for how long it will last before my thighs destroy it. The scraps of this fabric started curling up after I had cut it…Fortunately, it was literally ‘super cheap’ so I’m not too put out by the experience.

Of course, the lightweight fabric creases as soon as you look at it, and while I was hoping that a structured denim would replicate what I like about my black canvas Sculthorpe, but in a colour that brings more joy… well I haven’t quite hit the mark. I will continue my hunt for the perfect pink canvas… Or maybe I’ll think about ice dyeing some!

Sculthorpe and Atrax-3

Size details: I cut a Size G and added 3.5″ at the shorten/lengthen line to bring them down to ankle length. My previous Sculthorpe were Size F, so this was up a size from that. I sewed them up and then discovered that they felt quite tight through the front rise, and I had a hungry bum. I unpicked the centre crotch seam and added a gusset (my favourite last-minute solution), but I’ll do some pattern editing on future versions.

I think the fabric and needing perhaps a bit extra room still is contributing to some puckering through the back side seam. I think the extra crotch length on future versions will cut back on the pulling there.

Sculthorpe and Atrax-7

This is a pretty quick project, which is only a little slower than sewing Glebe Pants (my speediest pants project) purely because there’s just a couple of extra seams, and that pocket to think about!

If you catch me walking my dog this summer, you’ll see me walking in these stylish pink Sculthorpe Pants- those side pockets have plenty of room for treats!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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