Pink Sculthorpe

Muna and Broad’s 3rd Birthday celebration saw a lot of our makes popping up in my feed and gave me a lot of inspiration! I saw a lovely pair of pink Birchgroves (see them here) and it was the inspiration I needed to finally make myself a new pair of Sculthorpe Pants! It’s been a…… Continue reading Pink Sculthorpe

Heavyweight Viscose, Sculthorpe Pants

Here’s a pair of medium-weight linen/viscose Sculthorpe Pants which Leila and I released recently through Muna and Broad I’m wearing size 1 in these pants and I’m wearing them with a Torrens Box Top. I wouldn’t necessarily tuck them in, but it’s helpful to be able to see the top of the pants, and tucked-in…… Continue reading Heavyweight Viscose, Sculthorpe Pants

Viscose Tweed Sculthorpe Pants

These are the new Sculthorpe Pants that Leila and I have released through Muna and Broad! We’ve been testing out a few different narrow leg pants options because we know that not everyone loves wide-leg pants! Size details: I make a size 1 in the Muna and Broad sizing (which is meant for a 54″…… Continue reading Viscose Tweed Sculthorpe Pants

Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon

Edit: The Glebe Pants are now available to purchase in our extended size range over at Muna and! I wanted to try @Leila_Sews’ Glebe Pants pattern in a lightweight, rayon fabric to see how the pattern fared. I found 5 metres of this fabric for $15 at a fabric remnant sale of a Christchurch…… Continue reading Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon