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Apreon 2

I took some time this afternoon to sew up the cross-body apron that was the Muna and Broad November Patreon Pattern Bonus. The cross-body apron comes in large adult, small adult and child sizes, and Leila and I have been calling it the Apreon!

Edit: The Apreon is now available as a pattern to purchase!

I love the pocket on here- it’s the perfect size for my phone (which I suppose is exactly the point)! I think because the colour of this apron happened to be such a good colour match for what I was wearing, it got me thinking that perhaps an Apron an everyday clothes is actually quite a good idea!

Apreon 3

Fabric: I thought this was the pickle coloured linen from The Fabric Store, but now I think it might actually be the acorn coloured linen. Either way, I like it a lot.

Size: I made the ‘large adult’ size, but made the sit that sits over my chest a little bit less wide than the pattern called for. I could call that a narrow shoulder adjustment, but actually I did it because the linen wasn’t quite wide enough to fit the entire pattern piece.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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