Ice dyed Waikerie

I recently experimented with some ice dyeing, and dyed this many-years-old UFO Waikerie Shirt. I’m not sure why I never got around to finishing this shirt, which was white linen from A+R Fabrics! But, I liked the results of the ice dyeing so much that it encouraged me to quickly add buttonholes and make this shirt ready for wearing!

Ice Dye Waikerie Shirt-01

If you’re interested in HOW I ice dyed this Waikerie, then you should check out my 2-page ‘How to ice dye’ PDF with instructions on ice dyeing and info on where to find all the supplies in NZ. I’ll also be posting more about the process over the next few days here on my ChCh sews blog.

Size details: This is a Size E Waikerie Shirt, which is really too small now, and only fits due to the generous side splits on the pattern. Now, I am making a Size G which is a better match for my hip and belly measurements.

Fabric: The white linen is from A+R Fabrics– a very bright colour I probably wouldn’t buy now (maybe a cream, or a more undyed looking fabric). It sat unfinished in my UFO pile for more than 2 years, so it got added into my recent ice dye experimenting on a whim! Since the thread was polyester it didn’t take on any of the dye, but there’s something quite nice about the visible topstitching around the facings on the front. The buttons are shell, my go to.

Ice Dye Waikerie Shirt-05

I love how the ice gives the dye a texture that’s reminiscent of some kind of renaissance painting. It’s the kind of colour and texture of clouds that should have a god reaching a hand down to earth from. The colours worked out so well together! I used bubblegum, hot pink, brown rose Procion MX dyes (read more about that here). I love the way the colours have split into their various sub-shades. Mysterious blue and yellow splodges appearing at random on the shirt. I can definitely see future experiments with these shades in my future- I just need to buy some more soda ash for soaking!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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