Colour Palette Planning

Today I’m musing on planning a colour palette, and the info here is taken from a larger post that I’ve shared on the Muna and Broad Patreon, where I’ve been posting about colour theory. Today I wanted to try and codify why some of the colours are larger than others, what that means, and how I can use that to plan my future makes.

You might have spotted my earlier post, where I attempt to reverse-engineer a colour palette from my existing favourite makes, and then use that to plan some future makes. No? You can see it here.

My colour Scheme//

Based on my most-worn pieces from my existing wardrobe, and colours that I love, I came up with the above colour scheme, which is based on the instructions here from Anuschka Rees. I used Anushcka’s ideas as a starting off point for planning my wardrobe colour palette.

Why are the colours different sizes?

You’ve got Neutral Colours, Main Colours and Accent Shades in Anuschka’s colour scheme system. Her system is set up for making a capsule wardrobe, where it’s very important that everything works together so that you can make the most of each garment.

Even though I’m not aiming for a capsule, I took some time setting up the colours to confirm that my accent colours can be paired with a decent number of main colours, and will also work with the neutrals. Below, I used some cute wee circles to show how the various colours work with each other- which wasn’t strictly necessary since I have plenty of outfit combo that I like (and indeed photos of said combos), since that’s how I planned my colour scheme in the first place.

Broad in the seams colour scheme//

How can it apply to a wardrobe of me-mades?

Now, Anuschka tells you on her blog what each of the colour types should be used for, but basically those won’t work for me, so I’m going to tell you my plan instead.

I’m not saying she’s wrong, her system just assumes a method for dressing and creating an outfit that simply doesn’t apply to me. I don’t accessorise, I’ve never worn an accent colour scarf for a ‘touch of derring-do‘. I don’t dress in 3 layers on the day-to-day, I’ve never wanted a neutral cardiagn. I also generally wear the same colour shoes, and brown leather isn’t a ‘main colour’ of mine. Because I don’t wear an outer layer all that often (the pictures below would tell a different story), I don’t necessarily want them to be the main ‘pop of colour’ in an outfit (except if we’re talking about a hot pink Shoalhaven Shacket because then I’m on board)! So…

Broad in the seams colour scheme examples//

Neutrals: These are your workhorse pieces which pair with themselves, and with everything else in your wardrobe, but probably don’t make a show-stopping outfit on their own. These are colours you use when you need something that  ‘goes with everything’, like if you really only need 1 winter coat, maybe use one of your neutrals. If you have a ‘work wardrobe’, bottoms and outer layers in these neutrals will be useful options.

Main Colours: These are your anchor colours! They’re the main shades in your wardrobe, colours that show up the most in your wardrobe. You might have multiple different tops, bottoms and 1-item outfits (like dresses & jumpsuits) from these 3 colours. I think of these as colours that will turn up in most outfits, whether that’s as tops, bottoms or 1-item outfits. If one of your Main Colours is one that you might not use for pants, then it could be suitable for outer layers like coats and jackets (also suitable if you’re down for ‘stick-of-butter style‘ dressing).

Accent Colours: These are your ‘fun time’ colours. Maybe you don’t have a lot of them in your wardrobe, but they’re used to bring a ‘pop’ to your other items. I might not necessarily make both tops and bottoms from a colour (pink pants, but not a pink top, or I’d have a mustard top but probably no mustard pants). A statement piece like a single coat or a pair of shoes in these colours would be a great way to tie together an outfit, and ‘zhuzh up’ simple looks. It’s also the place that you can pop ‘colour outliers’, that you love and want to include, but don’t quite make it to Main Colour status.

So what?

I’d like to use the above systems (because I don’t want to call them rules) to plan a little cool weather capsule wardrobe! Last winter Muna and Broad had 1 outer-layer, and no turtleneck! Basically, I’m ready for some me-made sweaters and wooly goodness, but in some great colours!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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