Warm Autumn colours for sewing

I’ve been pestering my real-life sewing friend Naomi to help me work out what colours suit me for a while now (mostly because I’d like to stop wasting money on fabrics that I like in theory, but not in practice on myself) and last week it finally happened!

Yes, it looked a bit like this picture from The Guardian, but there was more cheese and snacks.

There were swatches, and multi-coloured cardboard with head-shaped holes got held up around my face until it was pronounced (by group agreement) that Warm Autumn was my colour scheme

It won’t surprise you to discover that the internet is full of websites that collate your colours based on the seasons. The colour chart on the left is from one of them!

The image to the left is a picture from Chromology UK (who offer colour analysis for individuals).

Clearly, it was important to use this information asap so I’ve put together a whole pinterest board of Warm Autumn Inspiration!

I wanted to turn this inspiration to fabric choices asap. Would we call this merino Deep Peach? Can I get away with this bright red wool, or is it too far away from the Tomato Red (spoiler: I bought it just in case)? Is this merino a good match for the Golden Brown? Should I have purchased this kind of chocolate brown wool while it was on sale? Is this linen an appropriate marriage of the Salmon and Rust colours? Do I need pants and dresses in this camel wool flannel? Is this heavyweight green olive linen a colour I even like? Most importantly, since gold is apparently something I can wear now, do I need to become a rich lady who buys metallic gold lame from Mood?

Now that I’ve found a heap of colours, which are apparently my colours, I don’t think this will drastically change my wardrobe.

There’s plenty of colours here that I can’t really imagine myself wearing, but there’s also colours, fabrics and finished sewing projects that I’m going to keep wearing because I love them (even if they’re maybe not my colours).

Are you interested in ‘finding your colours’ or would you rather keep sewing what you love (or maybe you know your colours already)?

This website might be a good place to start, if you’re keen to read more!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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