High-rent pink Glebe

For my recent weekend trip to Wellington for Camp Boom (a camp for fatties) I took the opportunity to sew myself up a little travel capsule of new makes!

I love a deadline and also an excuse to kick myself into making things I’d been planning for ages, but hadn’t necessarily got around to!

Capsule planning

I planned a whole colour scheme for my trip (which I shared on the Muna and Broad Patreon here and here), but my plans were somewhat scuppered both by running out of time and additionally with the weather forecast changing to rain the whole weekend. Although I ended up indoors for the rain and barely got wet, I’m glad I didn’t take tencel pants which love to hold onto water.

Pink Glebe high rent-04

I’d been wanting to use the heavyweight pink linen from A+R Fabrics for Glebe Pants for quite a while, and I’d also wanted to use the ‘high rent pants’ M&B Patreon pattern bonus which gives you pattern pieces to add a faux fly, waist ties and belt loops to any flat front pants (like the Willandra and View B of the Glebe).

My other pink Glebe Pants were both from pretty lightweight linen, which was never going to hold up well to the challenges of thick thighs, so although it seems like a bit much for me to be making a new pair, it’s totally necessary, trust me!

Apart from the Patreon bonus bits, these Glebe are a bit hacked in terms of changes I made to the pattern- I’ve got another pair of pants to share in the next few days so I think I’ll share all the size details then.

Pink Glebe high rent-21

I used this dusky purple ribbed bamboo from Blackbird to make myself a Tarlee T-Shirt which has been in my stash since September 2021, even though I knew exactly what it was to become! For some reason I only ordered 1.5 metres, when I’d normally order 2 metres for t-shirts. In the end, I had to cut the sleeves on the cross grain, which was only possible because the fabric was so stretchy in all directions!

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