Snow gum blue Waikerie

When Maaidesign got in touch to ask if I wanted to try some of their new exclusive fabrics, some of which had Australian gum leaf prints, I was in. You might have noticed that I have a collection of Australian botanicals on my arms, so I was particularly taken with the long gum leaf print and the snow gum print, which is what I’ve used here for a Muna and Broad Waikerie Shirt (the long gum is cut out and will become a Huon Dress).

Waikerie snow mountain-15

I printed out a brand new copy of the Waikerie Shirt for this project, as I’d decided to size up and make a Size G, instead of the Size E I’d previously made. Size E matches my bust measurement, and the side-split on the shirt do open up to accommodate my belly, but I decided that this time I’d choose a size based on my largest belly measurement, so that I wasn’t relying on ease for the shirt to fit.

Waikerie snow mountain-13

Measurements: My current measurements are 48″ bust, 54″ hip, 54″ waist and my largest belly measurement is 58″. This is measuring at my hip bones and where my waist is (not where my smallest measurement is (which is really just my underbust)). You can see Leila’s ‘how to measure’ here on Insta.

Fabric: I had 2.3metres of this 150m wide fabric, and although I really wanted to skip pre-washing, I didn’t (although I’m very lazy, I’m generally not lazy about pre-washing). I popped a new sharp needle on for the project because with printed fabrics they sometimes get a bit moody and let the white show through the stitch holes if they don’t like your needle. That didn’t happen here.

The fabric is nice to sew with, and even though it had a crisp poplin feel, it didn’t object too much to me pulling it about to ease bits in, which I always appreciate. Of course, I didn’t try to pattern match anything as life is short, but also the repeat on the print is pretty big.

Waikerie snow mountain-25

Unexpected thought: So the Waikerie Shirt was launched on the 17th of June 2020, and when it came out it was the first proper shirt that I’d sewn. Since then, I’ve bought a cutting mat, several rotary cutters, an overlocker and a backup overlocker. Basically, I have totally upgraded my sewing equipment since I made my first shirt, I’m cutting with way more accuracy…turns out a cutting mat and rotary cutter will beat haphazardly cutting on the floor (my cutting used to be a sweat-inducing activity which was much closer to the game of Twister than to my current cutting set up). I’m sewing more accurately too (which is also easier when your cutting is all correct. Anyway, as this shirt was coming together, using my seam gauge to measure and press my hems and just generally sewing the various bits together I thought ‘this is a nice tidy shirt’.

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