Pink Belmore combos

My pink boiled wool Belmore Jacket was whipped up on a bit of a whim to wear to a concert (as part of this ensemble), but has since become one of my most-worn layers!

Mulberry and Corduroy-01
Belmore Jacket and corduroy Glebe Pants

After I had made the jacket I’d actually discovered that I’d had a swatch of the exact fabric and had taken photos of various fabrics from my stash (or from existing items in my wardrobe), and had already decided that browns and plums and other pinks were a great match (so I probably should have made this jacket way earlier than I did)!

There are a couple of fabrics above that I haven’t sewn with yet- the olive print fabric remains in my stash (but very nearly got sold at a stash-sale last year), and the dusky pink tencel is something I have a huge roll of and I’ve got dreams of either a Huon Shirt or Dress in it.


The brown fabric in the top right is a scrap from my Huon Shirt, which I haven’t actually worn with the jacket yet (but these swatches tell me it’s a winning combo). I’ve got a few ribbed knits and merino knits in the shades of warm blues in the top right image (colours that Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow predicted might be winners for me, and she was spot on), so I’ll have to whip up some winter tees to pair with the Belmore.

Belmore and Tarawi
Belmore, Tarawi Shirt, Glebe Pants
Boiled wool Belmore Jacket-46
Belmore, Tarlee T-Shirt, Glebe Pants

The pink boiled wool is a great match for my pink Glebe Pants (and many different tops), which is pretty essential for wardrobe success. I’ve written before about enjoying monochromatic and analogous combinations best of all, and the dusky pink really makes those low-contrast combinations very straightforward.

Below are some pictures of a short break I took to Oamaru in the South Island last year- I definitely packed too many clothes for the short time I was away (what can I say, I love clothes), and this pink Belmore was my first choice (except when it got even colder and then I wore my Shoalhaven which I could button closed against the chilly sea breeze).

Copy of Day 2 Victorian-084
Belmore, Waikerie Shirt, Glebe Pants
Day 1 Snooker-03
Belmore, merino turtleneck, frankenpants

So, I’ve been pairing it with brown, soft pink, dusty pink, hot pink, plum, and lilac. I shared some colour combos on instagram today, and they show that blues, browns and even muddy reds could be great choices to pair with the dusky pink of the jacket. So maybe some blue and brown combos will be up on the sewing table next?

Waikerie Shirt Peach white-06

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. In addition to browns, plums, reds, and pinks, I like that dusty pink with various greens too! It looks lush with deep green and spring-like with olive or sage green. As I’ve commented before, our coloring is very similar and I love your color choices!

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