Gum leaf Huon Dress

This is my second project with the new exclusive printed fabrics from MaaiDesign. I’ve used their long gum leaf print for this Muna and Broad Huon Dress and the snow gum print for a Muna and Broad Waikerie Shirt (which I shared here).

Huon Maai Design-08

Similar to the Waikerie Shirt I just made, I sized this Huon up to a Size G- that matched with my largest belly measurement, and I’m pleased to have all the extra volume through the dress!

Huon Maai Design-02

Measurements: My current measurements are 48″ bust, 54″ hip, 54″ waist and my largest belly measurement is 58″. This is measuring at my hip bones and where my waist is (not where my smallest measurement is (which is really just my underbust)). You can see Leila’s ‘how to measure’ here on Insta.

Fabric: I had 3.1metres of this 150m wide fabric. You can’t tell here, but I actually used the leftover fabric from my Waikerie for the pockets here- What I had left from cutting out this dress could potentially be a usable amount of fabric for a small project, whereas the leftover from the Waikerie was perfect for the 2 big pockets that the Huon uses.

The long gum leaf print doesn’t have a clear up and down, with the leaves not laying all in the same direction. That’s handy as it let me play Tetris a little more with the pattern pieces, leaving me with a usable width for something small and sleeveless. The fabric was crisp and took to an iron well, and because it was tightly woven there was minimal fraying, so sewing wasn’t a race against the clock.

Huon Maai Design-13

The part on the Huon is always the back view- I love how the very generous gathers meet with the yoke at the back (it’s almost a shame that I don’t get a chance to look at it while I’m wearing it! Here, I played with the direction of the gum leaves, on the sleeve bands and the outside yoke. I also like how the width of the yoke gives you a chance to really look at the print, which is somewhat obscured on the rest of the dress by the gathers.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. I follow you on Instagram but this is the first time I’ve read one of your blog posts. Really loving the detail, thanks and looking forward to seeing more plus sized patterns tried out. I so often find it hard to imagine what a pattern will look like on my body

  2. Lovely garment! Just thinking… pattern with gathers in the front where you can enjoy them? Sounds like a winner!

  3. Dress is beautiful – that print really looks great on you. Love how you placed the print on the yoke and sleeves. Is the fabric comfy?

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