Wine Hyde twins

The Hyde T-Shirt extravaganza continues in my sewing room (which is my loungeroom). Sometimes when we release a pattern it takes a while for me to want to make it again because I’ve made so many already and I’m feeling a bit ‘over it’.

Hyde Shirt long sleeve-11

Not so with the Hyde.. So much not so that I actually just went ahead and made a long-sleeve version with exactly the same fabric I’d used to make a short sleeve version! It’s not clear from the pics, but these are exactly the same fabric (wine cotton spandex from For Fabrics Sake, now sold out (probably because I kept going back to order more))!

Burgundy Hyde Boxy Tee-16

Basically, I made the short-sleeve version and loved it. I immediately wanted to make it an everyday wear, and my dog walking top, so I took some quick photos and transitioned it into my ‘okay to stain it with food’ wardrobe (a wardrobe that my pink linen Glebe Pants and these corduroy Glebe haven’t made it to just yet). No regrets at all because the short-sleeve version has been perfect for warm-weather dog walking and heading to the shops but still feeling great.

Hyde Shirt long sleeve-10

While I was finishing up the long-sleeve version I went back and added a greyhound label on to the sleeve of the short-sleeve version. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the places you can put labels (I even made a Pinterest board all about it), and I might also retroactively add some label goodies to the sleeve of this mauve Hyde too)!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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