Striped Hyde T-Shirt

The latest pattern from Leila and I through Muna and Broad is now here. The Hyde T-Shirt has a dropped shoulder and a couple of views, and is 15% off during launch week, no code necessary.

Hyde Shirt-15

I wanted a boxy t-shirt and Leila delivered! I’ve been wearing my toiles a lot while heading out to walk the dog, but I also feel like these are dressy enough that I’d still wear them out-and-about, without feeling like I’d given up on dressing up.

Hyde Shirt-16

Fabric: This striped knit came from Maai Designs in Australia. It’s a lovely knit, which I snagged as soon as I saw it back in November! Because I ordered this well before the pattern was drafted I’ve got leftover fabric, so you might be seeing a matching singlet in my future (guess I’d better talk to Leila about that)!

Hyde Shirt-17

Hilariously, I did a much better job of matching the stripes on the side that I DIDN’T photograph! Not sure how I did it, but one is much better than the other.

I’ve already made a few of these, and there’s some more fabric (and quite a few stripes) in my stash just waiting to become the various views and sleeve-lengths of this!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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