Snoot & Hexham

How fortunate for me that greyhounds not only don’t mind wearing clothes, but actually need to wear clothes because they have such low body fat! I’m imagining that you’ll likely see some matching outfits in our future (not just because I’ve got leftover jacket fabrics that are just enough for a greyhound coat)!

Fifey Hexham-16

Fifey is matching my red Muna and Broad Hexham Dress in ribbed red knit from Backstreet Bargains. It’s quite stretchy so very comfie for both of us (and easy to put on over the snoot). Clearly, we needed a matching turtleneck too (for protection from the cold).

You can read more about my dress here.

Fifey Hexham-14

Not strictly necessary, but I did make a quick wool pom pom to add a winter twist, but he’s long enough that he noticed it in his peripheries after the photos and was quite keen to destroy it! I finished the bottom edge of his jacket with ChCh sews fold-over elastic, using the Kapunda Undies attachment method. I serged on the FOE (with the blade disengaged), pulling a lot more around the back of his jacket so that it curves around his bum and holds itself on a bit better.

Fifey Hexham-12

Look at that model snout! I’ve also got velcro to sew on to the body to ensure that the jacket sits a bit more snug (and doesn’t slide off like it is in this picture), but we were on a bit of a time crunch yesterday so didn’t get everything finished (but we did make time for photos)!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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