Drapey Hyde T-Shirt

The new Hyde T-Shirt from M&B comes with a View B which has a crossover back. It’s accessibility-minded but also just looks good.

After Leila whipped hers up in black, I decided that this rich chocolatey bamboo would make a perfect version for me! I love how the back detail and the bamboo can skew a bit ‘elevated’ but it’s still Ridiculously Comfortable!

Hyde ShirtView B-24

Fabric: This bamboo knit came as part of my order from Maai Designs in Australia. This fabric is delightfully hefty and the colour is lovely and rich. The drapey, slipperyness of the bamboo is perfect for this view since fabric with a rougher texture could get stuck on itself on the envelope back!

Hyde ShirtView B-18

Hears a little sneaky pic which shows how the wrapover back of the View B comes together. I’ve given it a test wear in a stiff breeze, and haven’t flashed anyone yet. The line drawing on the pattern page gives a better idea of how it might sit in a less heavy and super-drapey fabric.

Hyde ShirtView B-28

I’ve been smuggling fabric in this colour into my stash since about October last year, but I’m only just getting around to sewing with any of them. This early version of the Hyde T-Shirt was a bit of a revelation because it wasn’t until I was looking back through my selfies that I realised that the colour was really making my hair sing! It’s such a good colour to pair with the existing pants in my wardrobe, so I imagine you’ll be seeing more of this shade in the future.

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