Glebe Pants roundup!

The Glebe Pants got a size update this week, so I thought it would be appropriate to sift back through all my past Glebe Pants to see both how many I’ve made, but also what were the big successes (and failures)!

The first Glebe!

Glebe Pants Green 2

The Glebe Pants (and eventually Muna and Broad) came to be because Leila got in touch via Instagram DM to let me know that she had a pants pattern which she wanted to release as a free pattern, but didn’t want to set up a blog. I had a blog and I loved free pants patterns, so we teamed up to release a free pattern via email together (and the rest, is quite recent history)!

The natural linen Glebe Pants were my first version. I cut into a linen remnant I’d been saving without toiling, and I finished a lot of the internal seams with bias tape (including the hem, which I hand-stitched up). My second pair of Glebe Pants came from a 5+ metre viscose/mystery remnant which cost me $15 locally. I loved how drapey they were and I wore them to work A Lot. The natural linen Glebe Pants are still going strong, and I recently sold the green pair as I decided that they weren’t a colour that I loved.

Middle period Glebe

Then I entered a period of Glebe Pants that didn’t necessarily work out, so you won’t see them online much (you can see them below though). After that I entered my middle period of Glebe Pants. What I’m going to term my own pants pinnacle.

Corduroy Glebe Tarlee
Wool Glebe Pants-04
Huon Shirt

You can see the bright pink Glebe Pants which I made on a whim, but which have become a staple of my wardrobe. They’ve also lead the way for more pink in my wardrobe, in general, but also specifically more pink Glebe Pants (so they were pretty transformative).

You can also see the natural linen Glebe that I made to replace my first pair (hilariously, these ones are looking rattier than the OG pair, thanks to the weave of the linen on the original pair). I also made a pair of pink corduroy Glebe Pants (an homage to Sue) which were my go-to winter pants! The dusky pink/brown wool pants lead me to make a Glebe petti-pant (which you can see here).

Glebe Pants you won’t see

Black silk noil Torrens 2
Paper Theory LB Pullover 2
Side Batik Jammies

Seated Mum Jammies

This check flannel fabric feels like a mouth full of velvet when you have styrofoam teeth.

These Glebe Pants fell into obscurity because they were colours I didn’t love, or pocketless PJs (not for me, it turns out)! Or fabric which felt awful to touch and couldn’t be worn.

The blue and green day-time Glebe Pants above were made in a viscose or tencel blends, and it was at a time when I couldn’t mix the texture of linen and viscose (and especially not viscose on the bottom) without feeling quite conspicuous. Now, I’d manage better, but I still don’t think I’d choose those colours for my wardrobe.

The ultimate pink pants

Crepe Satin Pants-12

My most-recent pair of Glebe Pants has been this bright pink satin-backed crepe. Its brightness knows no bounds. My camera doesn’t want to deal with it, it’s so bright. These are my fancy going out Glebe Pants, and since the satin is on the inside, they’re like secret delicious silky PJs that are likely to make you fall off chairs if your underwear isn’t made of toweling or something grippy.

Total Glebe Pants

I think that puts me at 11 pairs of Glebe Pants in total, which is a pretty solid usage number for a pattern, even though a few of them weren’t winners (but maybe would be now that I can wear different textured fabric together😂😂)! The #GlebePants hashtag abounds with inspiration (aka, pants I want to blatantly copy), so there’ll definitely be more in the future!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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