New pink Glebe

Every month there’s a Muna and Broad Patreon Zoom Sewing Circle, which lasts for 2 hours. This weekend, the Zoom kicked off at 8am NZ-time, and I really didn’t feel like cutting out a new project at that time of the morning (it’s my least favourite thing to do)!

So, I used the 2 hours to sew up this pair of bright pink Glebe Pants that I’d cut out a while ago to replace my original pink pants (which are dying because the fabric is very lightweight and was never really appropriate for pants).

bike and bike shirt-15

I made Size F, View B in the Glebe Pants and even though I interfaced the front portion of the waistband, I totally forgot to not put elastic in there because I got a bit distracted snapping pictures to describe my threading-elastic-through-free waistband method.

So this version has a fully elastic waistband, instead of the flat-front that’s standard with the View B.

bike and bike shirt-09

I’m wearing these with my new favourite shirt! I found this quite worn men’s workwear shirt at an op-shop/thrift store in Oamaru or $5. It smelled pretty musty, but I loved those huge pockets, and I figured that if it didn’t fit I’d simply take it back and then it was a bit like I’d donated $5 to a good cause.

It’s a 3XL popover placket shirt (for men with 115cm chest, according to the label inside), and the fabric is delightfully soft and comfortable thanks to someone else doing all the hard work softening it up. I love the relaxed fit through the shoulders and now I basically want more like it (but maybe I should make something similar so that I can give myself a bit more room through the hips)!

I’ve been wearing this as my ‘cycle shirt’, I roll the sleeves down to protect my arms from the sun and I’ve also popped the collar to protect my neck (and make me look very cool on my bike).

bike and bike shirt-08

I didn’t quite get these pants entirely finished in the 2-hour zoom, I did the final step of the waistband and hemmed them later that day. But, a pair of pants that take less than 2.5hours to sew is basically my favourite style of project- instant gratification!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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