Day time PJs?

These are my original Spinifex PJs, and I’ve really been enjoying them as night-time wear. Since releasing the pattern, I’ve also made a second sleepwear set with the bottoms from this pattern and a Tarlee T-Shirt turtleneck (because it’s cold in the house in NZ in winter)!

If you want to read more about this project, click here!

Spinifex PJs-07

I took advantage of an extra-quiet neighbourhood to take some outside pictures of these PJs, and it wasn’t until I was sorting through the pics on my computer that it occurred to me that, actually, these look like they’d make good day-wear!

The PJ bottoms in the Spinifex PJs have a gusset in the middle of the legs which adds comfort and increases your range of movement (but the bum fit ends up looking pretty good on me too). The top comes with cup-size options, but no dart and there’s an ever so-slightly dropped shoulder. Describing it for you, I realise ‘that’s my perfect shirt’!

Spinifex PJs-15

I haven’t decided yet if I’d make a matching top and bottom for day-time wear, and I have been thinking about how to remove the PJs vibe. I think I’d omit the piping, and increase the size of the pocket (and maybe add a second one?). I’d definitely remove the cuffs, and I’m wondering if I’d change the sleeves (to add a placket, or shorten them) too.

Spinifex PJs-20

In the meantime, I’ve started a Pinterest board, and started my Instagram research: @styleisstyle has an amazing blue shirt, @littlerivermama has a relaxed natural shirt, this lavender shirt with big pockets, @styleisstyle in this relaxed matching set, and this pocket inspiration too.

Now just to choose a fabric and decide if I’m making a full Spinifex day-time PJs, or just the shirt!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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