M&B Dresses

Muna and Broad is celebrating our 3rd birthday and we’ve shared 5 days of prompts for folks to share their M&B makes on Instagram! After pants day, and outer layers day, we celebrate dresses day! https://flic.kr/p/2i7ERVb https://flic.kr/p/2jxdvYX https://flic.kr/p/2jCqnGD Before we had a dress pattern, I’d already lengthened our Torrens Box Top into a dress with…… Continue reading M&B Dresses

Bishop Melba Top

A little while ago I shared this Melba Dress sewing fail on Instagram- a sad outcome for this deep stash linen which I cut into far too haphazardly. With the bold sleeves and the red colour, it felt like something I should be wearing as a church chorister. View this post on Instagram A post…… Continue reading Bishop Melba Top

Hacked Melba Dress

This project is blatant plagiarism I copied the project right down to the fabric choice and I don’t feel bad at all! During our August M&B Patreon Zoom Sewing Circle, Leila whipped up this exact hack of our new Melba Dress, with gathers and in a seersucker fabric (hers was navy and white). But, since…… Continue reading Hacked Melba Dress

Golden fish Melba

The Melba Dress was in production and I’d already made my pink linen Melba in a 200gsm linen. It was a total success and I loved it so that I made a fatal error. I forgot that fabric weight is much less important than fabric drape and I cut into this golden jacquard that was…… Continue reading Golden fish Melba

Melba Dress

The Melba Dress is the latest pattern from Leila and I through Muna and Broad. To celebrate, M&B email newsletter subscribers have 15% off during launch week. Sign up and the discount code will automatically be emailed to you. https://flic.kr/p/2nCbsad We wanted to make a very beginner friendly pattern which riffed on the Torrens Box…… Continue reading Melba Dress