Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles

The Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles is a non-gendered pattern available from 30.5-54.5″ (78-138cm) hip and 32-56″ (82-142cm) chest, the finished measurements on the chest and hip of this shirt go up to 70″ or 178cm I love shirts and I especially love grandpa collars but I’m also terrified of buttons (even more so now…… Continue reading Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles

Fremantle Pants from Elbe

In less than 4 hours this afternoon I cut out and sewed a new pair of Elbe Textile’s Fremantle Pants. Lauren has increased her original size range to 61.5″ hip (67.5″ finished measurements), which is great! In this version I left off the patch pockets at the rear and also “drafted” a slightly larger pocket…… Continue reading Fremantle Pants from Elbe

Zero-Waste Jacket from Elbe

I made this linen duster-ish jacket using Elbe Textile’s free tutorial for making a zero-waste jacket. I love the idea of zero-waste sewing since it saves me from hoarding linen scraps for years and I suppose it’s also good for the environment. Sizing Details: I had a bit less linen than the pattern called for…… Continue reading Zero-Waste Jacket from Elbe