Jacquard gauze Pyrmont

This is my 3rd Pyrmont Skirt from Muna and Broad and is the only one I’ve made that isn’t brown! You can see the spotty brown one here, and non-spotted brown one here.

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Fifey Pyrmont Tarlee Belmore-13
A ribbed Tarlee T-Shirt and Pyrmont Skirt

This cotton jacquard is a gauze-like fabric which has an abstract ‘print’/weave. It’s heftier than a double gauze, and doesn’t get as crinkled either. I’ve got quite a bit of this sitting in my stash (and some in an olive green too), but I really struggle with wearing and styling such a dark colour, so I’m not sure this will stick around in my wardrobe long-term.

I knew I didn’t want to be ironing interfacing onto the waistband of this gauze fabric, so I just didn’t. Instead I threaded elastic all the way through the waistband (instead of just the back half), and then secured it at the side seams so that most of the gathering is forced into the back, and the elastic in the front acts like a stiffener to the waistband.

Belmore Jacket, Tarlee T-Shirt and Pyrmont Skirt

To help ensure ease-of-working-with-gauze, I popped the top of the skirt on the selvedge edge and didn’t notch the pleat markings in with my snips until I’d sewn the pockets onto the sides. This just meant that my skirt had no time to stretch out and go all shifty while I worked on the other bits. Because the pattern itself is relatively straightforward, I didn’t have issues with other bits stretching out or making a nuisance of themselves during construction! Apart from the fact that it’s navy and I should have known I would struggle with wearing it, it was a pretty pain free project!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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